Smart Home Access Control Doorbell & Locks

Two Recommended Options:

1) Use a "DoorBird" brand doorbell if you:        a) Are properly prewired for a smart doorbell and                                                                         b) Have a gate or a door to unlock remotely.


2) Or use a "Ring" brand Doorbell if you:         a)  Only have traditional doorbell wiring and                                                                                        b) Have strong wi-fi strength at your front door.


Important to know...

(You may need to upgrade your wireless network range if your smart doorbell is too far from your network hot-spot)


Jessica called the police after Ring alerted her to a stranger casing her home. Police arrested two burglars shortly after. #AlwaysHome


Access Control Technology Makes Life Easier.

With a smart doorbell you will not miss any more deliveries – because you will be informed right away when the postman rings. This innovative idea was developed by the Bird Home Automation Group located in Berlin and San Francisco.