Confrence Room
Go to RTI panel and select either HDMI input for Laptops or Apple TV. if the Apple TV is selcted the controls for it will now be on the HDMI Screen

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Kevin's Office
Grab remote and and press Sat at the top the TV will go to the right inputs and you can control the DirecTV box. Press Apple TV to control the Apple TV. Press the middle Power button at the top to turn off everything in this room. The RTI Panel App also can control this room

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Bathroom TV's
Go to RTI panel and select the bathroom TV's. The App will now let you control the Volume of the TV's and the Channel that it is on. All 4 Bathroom TV's Can only show one channel at a time. The bathroom TV's will come on automaticly at 6am and go off at 6pm M-F and Sat but not Sunday.

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