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Smart Security

We have partnered with locally owned and operated Granite Security! Granite has been a staple in the community since 1997. We sell only the most current security and monitoring devices.

Combining forces has streamlined the process for builders and Home owners.
we matched Granite's monitoring policy by offering 24/7 tech support to all products we provide when the client is enrolled in our scheduled maintenance plan. 



Preventing a break in has a lot to do with making your system visual for anyone on the property. You can add a security camera for a very noticeable security coverage. Also signs and stickers near entry and exit points tell a person thinking about breaking in, that this will not be as easy as another home without a security system.



Its important to have feedback from your system even if your home with the system un-armed. This allows you to look at the status of security zones and see if anyone left a door or window open. Having the system monitor zone status to both yourself and your dispatch center gives you information that will help you quickly tell the difference between a break in and false alarms.

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Our dispatch team is standing by 24 hours a day. If your alarm ever detects a break in, you will be notified immediately of the situation and the estimated arrival time of the authorities.

A wonderful job in a short amount of time.
— Michelle T. -

Camera Systems and Pricing Guide

Camera systems do not need to remain a pricing mystery. We have camera pricing options for both IP camera systems and Analog Camera systems showing you exactly how much it will cost for the cameras, wiring and installation so you can plan your budget!