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Why is a Smart Home WiFi System Important to Austin Home Owners?

Building a secure and Managed Network that covers the entire home is very important.

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Its easy to get caught up in the DIY "Mesh" style systems sold online but the results are not as stable or as secure as a Managed Network with hard wired Access points positioned Throughout the Home.

If you are wondering why your wifi is slow, give us a call for a free diagnostic, speed test, distance test and upgrade cost estimate.

If you are wondering why your wifi is slow, give us a call for a free diagnostic, speed test, distance test and upgrade cost estimate.

Whole Home Wi-Fi System Estimated Pricing
According to Home Sizes

***Pricing is not 100% accurate and should be used to get an idea of the costs to come.

Our WiFi systems are Fully Covered under our Annual Scheduled Maintenance plan!

Smart Home WiFi

While we are all familiar with the concept of WiFi, many people don't realize that upgrading to the convenience of a smart home will almost always require an accompanying upgrade of the home WiFi system. To not only get the most out of your smart home, but to ensure security and the reliable operation of all smart home devices and components, experts recommend upgrading to a managed network with hard wired access points.

Why Do I Need A Hard Wired WiFi Network?

Anyone who has lived in anything larger than the smallest apartments will be familiar with the dreaded ‘WiFi drop-out’ – areas in the home that, due to their distance from the router or obstacles in between, do not reliably receive a signal. In these cases, you might use a network adapter or wireless bridges to make sure your devices connect to the network. Due to the complexity of a smart home network, security needs, and the fact that many smart devices will simply not pair well with them, these are not viable solutions.

Then there are the ‘mesh networks’ – kits sold with two or more access points to increase coverage. While these are certainly a step up from DIY network boosting, they exhibit a noticeable loss in network speed, many do not support dual band networks – and they aren’t cheap. The best smart home WiFi solution for those desiring a blazing fast, reliable and secure network is a managed hard wired WiFi network.

Smarter Homes Whole Home WiFi Systems

At Smarter Homes, we offer Austin WiFi solutions that are tailor-made to a smart home's needs. Our experienced technicians take care of the entire installation, wiring your home inconspicuously so that your décor is not affected in the least. We offer three packages to suit your home size, which all include:

  • Wiring

  • Gigabit Modems

  • Appropriate Ethernet Switch

  • Security Router

  • All Necessary Access Points (including outdoor in tiers 2 & 3)

  • A Cloud Key

Your Smart Home WiFi Experts

With a highly experienced and knowledgeable team, we are proud to offer the most feature-rich and well-designed smart home WiFi systems in Austin. In addition to our high-end customer service, we offer annual scheduled maintenance, 24/7 Customer Support, and guarantee all of our work. Contact us now to learn more about how our Whole Home WiFi Systems can provide you with the perfect smart home.