The Future is Here

Hello there. We’re glad that you made it. Here you will find all of those fantastic things we talked about in the blog. Have fun going through and matching things up to what you would like to add to your Smart. You don’t have a smart home? You will want to check out all of the other pages and read the other blogs to see what Smarter Homes of Austin has to offer. Then make an appointment to see our Smart Home Model by calling Peter Sandford at (512) 785-0032.

alexa and cars.jpg

Feature 1

Alexa in automobiles? Of course. Alexa has a special seat in the dash of your Ford or Toyota and the feature is coming to other automakers. Control your smart home on the road. Open and close the garage door from anywhere. Turn lights on at home, tell the babysitter you’re going to be late, ask Alexa to update your shopping list with a new item. The possibilities are endless. Check it out at the following links.

Feature 2

Jeeves can finally retire now that Aeolus is on the job. He’s the home butler that never retires, except to recharge of course. He can vacuum, clean, bring you your slippers, deliver a cold one from the fridge, and bring in the paper. That is, if you still get a paper. Here are the links to learn more about hiring him for good.

Aeolus_Robot_13 (1).png

Feature 3

This isn’t your everyday grocery delivery service. How about an automated delivery service, right to your front door and no delivery person or driver to tip. Kroger, one of the largest supermarket chains in the U.S. is giving this one a field test and so far, it’s both thumbs up for Nuro with dry and refrigerated compartments. Take a look.