When people think of their bathroom they often think of it as one, if not, the most comfortable room of the home. It’s the one true private space left in the home where just the mention of the word occupied turns the head of the questioning party, except when urgency prevails. It’s that delicate place for the whole family that offers an elegant and demure of ambiance for taking care of the body.

Yes, even the throne room get’s prominence in the smart home.

There are luxurious features about that go beyond a heated toilet seat. We’re talking rain-forest shower heads, electric commode with a warm sprinkle of cleaning touch, Mirrors with installed video for entertainment, on the go information, and video calls. Just don’t forget where you’re at when taking a video call. Let’s not forget to add voice command to keep from smudging up the mirrors and setting the water temperature. Automatic water taps and lights to save on energy costs. Today’s modern bathrooms are integrating steam showers. We could go further with the list to include the control of music with waterproof speakers, light shows and karaoke in the shower. After all, that’s where you find the best acoustics in the home isn’t it?

Our friends at Kohler, one of Americans leading manufacturer of water fixtures has just released a new line of automated bathroom fixtures and amenities, designed for the finest tastes and luxurious conveniences. At Smarter Homes of Austin, we have the drive and experience to satisfy any home automation needs that you may have. Why automate just one room when you can have the whole house automated.

Check out this link to Kohler https://www.us.kohler.com/us/smarthome/content/smarthome.htm and their cool ideas then call us at 512-775-6101 to take a tour of our model smart home.