Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting a series of blogs that revolve around smart home automation room by room.

We are going to show you components of a smart home that we currently install and some new smart home features that can be custom integrated into your smart home system. If it has a wireless remote, we can add it to your smart home features.

Just to give you a teaser, we already have quite a few topics in mind such as, turning your home gym into a smart gym, fully automated kitchens with motorized components with no reach cabinets and drawers, and automated bathrooms that are right out of the future. You will find these features and more, fascinating and a must have for your new or existing smart home. Keep in mind that if your home isn’t a smart home, we are the professionals that know how to do retrofits better than anyone else.

Home Automation.JPG

Maybe there are things that you have ideas of automating in your home? Respond to this blog or visit our website to drop us a line. You can even call to schedule a time to meet with you at your home to tour and discuss new smart possibilities for you. We can answer any question you have, right on the spot. Give us your automation ideas and we will make them happen. It isn’t often that we aren’t able to fulfill a custom request as we can find alternative solutions to almost any situation.

Please read this series of blogs to learn how a smart or smarter home can bring some ease and fun into your home, for you and your family.

Send your suggestions by email to our customer relations manager David, david@smartertx.com.

You can also call the owner Peter who is more than happy to discuss your smarter home. His number is, (512) 785-0032.

At Smarter Homes of Austin, we create smarter so you can live better.