Let's save some money and resources.

Do you think that its possible to save on your energy bills using an iPhone/Smart Phone or an iPad/Tablet?

Go to our energy page by going to this link https://smarterhomesaustin.com/energy-home-automation/ to find out more.

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Step One: Identify The High Energy Items.

The first thing we thought about after getting our $400.00 Austin Energy bill was to add solar panels, but instead of jumping the gun and throwing large amounts of money at the problem we decided to get smarter and do our homework on why our energy bill was so high.

We installed a smart Home Energy Meter and ran an Energy Audit on all devices inside the show home. We keep the "Total Home Wattage" displayed on an iPad in our kitchen to show our usage to everyone in real time.

Our Discovery

  • Hot Water Heater - 4,500 Watts

  • Hot Water Circulation - 200 Watts

  • Lighting and Fans - 3,500 Watts

  • TV and Entertainment - 800 Watts

  • HVAC - 5,000 Watts

  • Coffee Pot - 900 Watts

  • Home Office - 300 Watts

  • Washer and Dryer - 6000 Watts

TOTAL - 21,200 Watts


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To find out how we did on the savings, again, check out the energy page of the website.