When it’s time to begin your smart home plan and budgeting, wiring is step one of the process. While the capabilities of wireless electronics and connectivity have increased tenfold, even within the last few years, to support an entire house’s worth of technology, it takes some heavy duty wiring.

Close up of hands working on layout

The blue printed plan for how and where we are going to lay those wires is one of the first things we provide a customer who has chosen the features they want highlighted in different areas of the house.

But don’t get lost in the technical terms. A pre-wire is done in the construction phase of the house’s development. We lay all of the wiring for your homes automations before the sheetrock is even laid.


A retro-fit is a whole other animal. Sometimes you don’t build your dream house; you buy it! However, when the construction on a home is completed already, making sure all of the hardware that makes a smart home tick is invisible can be quite a challenge. That’s why retrofitted jobs generally cost more money and take more time.

However, after the wiring costs are completed, any other aspect completed by Smarter Homes is uniform for all homes, whether the job is done pre-construction or post.

Give us a call today for an estimation on pricing for your pre-wire or retro-fit today and let’s make your dream smart home come true!