Do you remember the old manual dimmer switches that we used to dim or brighten a room? You could stand there all day turning that knob trying to get the right amount of light. New advanced smart technology lighting has created a whole new era of enhanced light conditions for the home.

Smart lighting features make it easy to adjust the light of a room to a perfect level and with voice control, you can set the lights just by verbalizing the command. Here's an example of using Alexa, to control the amount of light in a room. "Alexa, tell home Butler to dim the lights in the dining room by thirty-five percent." However, this will change soon with the update of Alexa.

You can also tap into the motion detectors of your alarm system to have your smart system turn lights off if there is no activity in a particular room and automatically turn them back on when someone enters the room. Let’s automate the lights to turn on as it gets dark outside. Going on vacation? Program lights to go on and off at various times while you’re gone. From the outside, it looks like you’re still home.

Having the automated lighting system in your smart home will save you money on your energy bills. Make a small investment and purchase LED lights to save even more money. Look at the difference and the life expectancy and the cost of each type of light bulb in the chart below.

lighting comparison.JPG

Vantage Lighting Control is a Smarter Homes of Austin supplier. They specialize in supplying automated controls to companies like ours. On their website, you will find a questionnaire to help you plan for your lighting control project. Go to to fill in the questionnaire. Follow the instructions to print. We will review your answers with you and help you plan the right lighting solution for your home.

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