A New Innovation for
the Patio and Backyard
is trying to emerge into
the Smart Home Market.


Many of our favorite outdoor cookery companies will soon begin to introduce smart home technology into their digital grills and smokers.

It's just one of the latest innovations added to smart home technology systems that we hope will make things at home a little easier. (we hope!) :)

”All you have to do”, is bring Alexa along to simplify control and give the system all of the orders that you want to carry out for the nights family cookout verbally. Then, when you get home, just throw some meat and veggies on the rack and dinner is done when the system alerts you (hopefully).

All that time you would have spent on building and prepping the cooking surface is saved.

If your smart grill connects to Alexa, our Smart Home system will also have the ability to speak to it and understand the actions that the home owner wants to make using their voice.

The Good:

Char-Broil’s grill makes food that's consistently tasty and juicy. It comes with temperature probes and works with a mobile app to tell you when food is ready.

The Bad:

SmartChef Tru-Infrared cooks food well and has connected tech included, but it's expensive and its smarts aren't that useful.

What do you think about making your outdoor grill smart?
— Pete Sandford: Owner of Smarter Homes