If you are planning to build a home, do you think about the things that are going to make you and your family happy living there?

Of course you're going to put into your new home appliances, electronics, and certain comforts like hot water and probably security. Now, imagine that you can control almost everything in your home from one hub. A network that controls utilities, security, and control over the functions in each room of the house. At Smarter Homes of Austin, we can make it happen with our customized home automation systems. 

For some folks, they want to start from the beginning and forgo the interruptions, mess and time of a retrofit. We're here to help with that. At Smarter Homes, we'll be there during the construction doing our part to maker your home as automated as you like, and we'll stay and install all of your devices and controls when your build is complete. A custom install makes life easier for everyone.

Are you building or planning to build a home? If so, let's get you automated.