Technology is ALWAYS changing. It’s crazy to think that a decade ago, we all had land lines and now, we’re controlling our entire home via cell phone. The rapid growth of the tech industry has touched almost every single industry and transformed its performance, from the hospital to the home.

Home automation and technology integration has come a long way. Forbes magazines predicts it has even further to go. The future is so exciting to us at Smarter Homes. We thrive on innovation and that’s why we loves this article: 14 Predictions For The Future Of Smart Home Technology

Here are some Forbes predictions to highlight that Smarter Homes is already nailing:

Integration Of Smart Home Devices

A Focus On Surveillance And Appliances

Customer Service As A Differentiator

Increased Voice Control Integration

Check out the article for more details about the future. And give us a call to learn more about all the ways we’re embracing it!