Home Technology Upgrades in any Phase of Construction

Between balancing work and family, the renovations and upgrades we want for our home are often put on the back burner. The procrastination of making your home what you’ve dreamed gets exacerbated by the seemingly daunting task of navigating complicated technology or incorporating features after your home’s construction is already completed. There’s no reason you cant have what you want. At Smarter Homes, we install, integrate and automate technology whether the home is completed or under construction.

Top Home Technology Trends

A Smart Doorbell you can’t Hack

Smart Doorbells are a great example of a technology feature homeowners want but don’t have. Why wait? You can see who’s at the door by using your Smart Doorbell camera and give them instruction via the intercom. If you aren’t home, you can directly communicate with guests remotely from your personal device. DoorBird makes home security and guest access easy. Not to mention Smarter Homes has created the only Smart Home control system out there that you can’t hack. Your automated technology will be completely inaccessible from the outside.

Convenience and Ease with the Push of a Button

Smarter Homes is a company rooted in convenience, flexibility, and service. Don’t let the complications of exciting technology features intimidate you. It’s our job to make your life easier with the push of a button! Whether it’s beautiful lighting provided by Scout Lighting, custom motorized shades from Deco Window Fashions, or a state of the art security system by Granite security, we bring all together in one, easy to control, system. If there’s a Smart Home automation feature you’ve been wanting, give us a call to find out just how accessible living in a home of the future can be. We’re by the phones 24/7 waiting to give you the answers you’re looking for.

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