Home Automation of Audio, Video, WiFi, etc. is easier than ever.

Whether it’s grandpa, uncle, mom, or dad, every family's got one: the home improvement guru. This family member has done it all - spruced up the landscaping, painted and repainted the foyer, even installed custom lighting fixtures. Why not give them the gift of a Smarter Home this holiday season. There are plenty of giftable features that we at Smarter Homes install.

Or better yet, make the holidays a time to finally take your home to that next level you’ve been wanting. There are lots of Perks of Holiday Hosting in a Smart Home and with guests arriving or time away from home, upgrading can make you feel safe, secure, and savvy.

Here are some gift-able ideas for yourself or a loved one:

Automated Doorbells and Locks - give the gift of peace of mind! With doorbell and lock automation, homeowners can see who’s at the door at anytime, control the locks on all the doors remotely, and even schedule the doors to lock/unlock at predetermined times.

Surveillance Camera Package - with a great home comes great responsibility! Keep an eye on your home or business from anywhere, anytime, on your mobile device! Systems provide 24/7, stand-by dispatch teams in the event of a break in.

Lighting Automation - lighting control should be seamless and effortless. Upgrade now and save yourself money, effort and time. Plus, create custom lighting scenes for your home at certain times of the day.

Sonos Surround Sound System - whether you want a booming media room or whole house music, Smarter Homes can help you deck the halls with tunes of jolly!

Blond woman texting on her phone

Cell Phone Signal Boost - maybe you are your loved one are Infamous for never picking up the phone, and can’t help it! There’s no phone service where they live! We can change that. With just one bar of signal, we can install a cell phone signal booster and make your phone work again in your home.

Temperature Control - when it’s cold in the mornings, getting out of bed can be harder than it should be! Control the heating of your home from your bed - or anywhere at all. Automated smart thermostats can save you money on energy use and eliminate the chance of human error.