While doing some research on past installation problems from other companies, there was a resounding theme happening within our phone conversations.

Some of our customers were telling us that another company installed their home automation, but it wasn’t working correctly. We’ve gone out on these calls and the things we found were astonishing. Their components weren’t compatible with each other, they had incorrect network connections, wiring jobs that weren’t exactly their best, and so much more. At Smarter Homes of Austin, we’ve seen customers in some tight jams because they hired the wrong company for their smart home installation.


If you are one of the many people that have had problems with your installer, let us help. We’re the professionals that get it right every time. As a matter of fact, search for us on Google and check out our reviews. You’ll find that some of our customers have experienced the same issues of bad installment jobs, all of them thankful for the corrections that we made.


When someone calls us with installation issues, we investigate the problem and any findings are discussed with the customer along with a plan of correction. We present right up front what it’s going to take to correct their automation system; then we get to work.

Smarter Homes Takeover Technician

Smarter Homes Takeover Technician

Our technicians are some of the best in the business,

and they’ve cleaned up quite a few messes left by prior installment companies. We see them time and time again shaking their heads at some of the things they run into making the corrections. That is the reason that we say, “You’re good to go,” to every dissatisfied person that calls us. Our policy is to get the job done correctly the first time. The system that is designed and the components we put into that design have been paired and tested. We know we get it right every time with the best staff and the best automation system.


If your home automation has issues from the installment or you need to update your existing automation system, call the Smarter Homes of Austin Owner, Peter Sandford, at (512) 785-0032, and we’ll help get your home automation system back to where it needs to be.


D. B. Harrison