Home Automation is more than just a few controlled components. It's a way of life. When I was a kid I remember watching first the Flintstones and right after, the Jetsons, and thinking that I was somewhere in the middle of the two. Glad things had improved from the past and wondering why we didn't yet have the things of the future. 

Did any of us baby boomers think back then that we ourselves would one day walk around with miniature phones talking to other people? What about talking back and forth on a TV screen or sending mail and documents instantly without a post office or postman (or to be politically correct in today's terms, a postal worker)? Thank you, The Great Age of Industrialization. We have discovered that there is magic in our fingertips. 

Recently, it seems that the magicians and wizards of our modern age have developed superior magic to the remote control TV's, garage door openers, and ovens with automatic timers that I had just gotten accustomed to. This whole new home automation idea not only opens the garage door for you, it turns your favorite news channel on, stirs a martini for you, and heats up the hot tub, all while automatically mowing the lawn, sweeping the floor, and ordering next weeks groceries for you. Did we see this coming?

The layman's eye-view of our home automation interface.

The layman's eye-view of our home automation interface.

The spell of innovation is ever changing and the wizards and magicians of tomorrow will think of even greater things that our kids wouldn't think were even possible. However, for now, thanks to Smarter Homes of Austin, you have the magic in your fingertips. Follow this link https://smarterhomesaustin.com/automation/ to our Automation page and explore the possibilities. 

Comment and let us know what kind of magic you'd like to use from your fingertips in the future. 

You get extra magic points if you have this automatically read to you. Let me know if you did and what program you used. 

David H.