You’ve seen the Smart Home TV programs and advertisements. You may have even visited your neighbor’s and had conversations about the new and improved technology in their smart home. We’re here to tell you that just because your home was built before the smart home revolution, doesn’t mean it can’t host all the latest and greatest in integration and automation. We have the solution for the upgrade of your dreams. We call it a retrofit.

Grant Imahara and Smarter Homes of Austin owner Peter Sandford

At Smarter Homes of Austin, we have the capability to take older homes and transform them into smarter homes. With our retrofit, you can have all the features of a smart home - from invisible wiring to wifi - connected to a central brain that controls everything.

What are the Benefits of Having a Smart Home?

In your retrofitted smart home, you’ll be able to enjoy the experience of an exceptional home theater and zoned speakers throughout the home. You’ll control lighting from a smart device such as a smartphone or tablet. The possibilities for effortless dominion over your property extend to air conditioning/heating, home security, yard irrigation, pool and patio controls, automated shades, and more. The best part is that you have options when it comes to control: touch, voice-command, or remote.

How Can Smart Home Wiring Enhance My Home


To enhance your experience, add features such as hidden speakers, video doorbells, hot tubs, automatic garage doors, and much, much more. If you want something automated in your home, we’ll make it happen. After your retrofit is complete, we ensure that your installation is not only fully operational, but that you have all the information you need to use it properly. As far as the mess goes, it’ll be like we were never there.

Don’t forget about our maintenance plans. Sometimes things happen and we’re here to help. Avoid higher service rates by participating in a plan that best fits you in the long term.

For more information about refitting your home with smart features follow this link to our retrofit webpage.

To schedule your retrofit, please call (512) 775-6101 .

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