There are ways to do external lighting and sound, and ways not to do lighting and sound.

How do You find the right balance to enhance Your smart home?

Hudson Bend, Austin, TX

Hudson Bend, Austin, TX

Hudson Bend is one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the Lakeway area of Austin. It is more of a peninsula that juts out into Lake Travis. The homes along the shoreline are breath taking. It is a prime location for great living. With the proper lighting it could become the Gold Coast of Austin.

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When we’re considering lighting and sound we imagine lighting units and sound units separately installed around your home. Our friends and Terra have come up with a solution of combining both sound and lighting to enhance your landscape. When you call us to install your external lights and sound we will walk you through the best lighting and sound scenario for the outside of your home. You can take a sneak peek at Terra products at this link

There are some things that we need to pay attention to, such as installing the right amount of lighting and sound around your property. People will argue with you that leaving lights on outside at night is just a waste of energy, but with today’s LED technology, lighting your home inside and out is very cost effective. You can change colors with LED to fit any celebration or holiday. LED’s also give us the ability to add more lights than just the normal few, brightening pathways, shrubbery, trees, pools, ponds and fountains. Remember, incorporating more light around your home helps detract would be thieves after dark.

One of the most important things to do with any lighting in and around the home is to add the automation.

You can control all the lighting and sound of your home with the simple touch of the finger by using a tablet or smartphone. We’ll help you set control zones for your lighting and audio so that you can easily manage them. If your home doesn’t have a smart home automation system, we can install that for you and then you can control more than just lights and sound. We can go in to more detail about that when we talk later. Just know that we do retro and new build installations.


You have a beautiful home and there is no shame in showing it off. We can help you turn your home into a magical place with light and sound. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation regarding the possibilities for your home. At Smarter Homes of Austin, we make life more convenient.

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