Whether you’re an Airbnb host or you’re looking for a long-term rental tenant, you’re not putting your best foot forward until you’ve got a smart home.

There are many benefits when upgrading to a smart home that apply specifically to property owners. The first of which is automated locks and doorbells.

With a smart home, you can provide your tenants with access to the home via a temporary key pass. That means if your guests are staying 3 days, and have a specific check in and out time, you can use the virtual key pass to ensure their access is only granted in the times specified in your agreement. You can also give your guests access to the integrated control system, allowing them to lock up the place from bed, check who’s at the door via the doorbell, and unlock anything without even moving.

These features all increase the safety and security of not only your guests but your rental space as well. Security is another key feature that a smart home upgrade can improve. When the house is unoccupied, you’ll be able to make sure the alarm system is armed and the cameras are running. Not to mention, if the property is ever vandalized in any way, you can check your exterior security cameras for evidence.

Another way you can give your rental space a leg up in appeal and value is through whole home audio and integrated video. With a complete surround system, guests will be able to easily fill the whole house with music or stream their favorite movies and shows from multiple platforms. Many tenants rent spaces for short span hosting. Equip them with all the gadgets they need to wow their guests!

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