At Smarter Homes, we offer two incredible custom media room options: the 9 seat, high-end, theatre room and the 65 inch LG 8000 TV with a SONOS 5.1 home entertainment package. Both of these options create an immersive, movie theater in your home, feel.

However, there are infinite possibilities when it comes to designing a media room. The goal is to come away with a space where you and your family can spend time together, entertain, and relax in your own way. Smarter Homes equips you with the technology, but the look and feel of that atmosphere is in the hands of you and your designer.

Here are some ideas to make your media room more you…

LED Backlighting and Seating Details

LED lighting.jpeg

(photo source: 20 Must-See Media Room Designs | HGTV)

Everyone knows the classic glow of the theater stairs as you make your way to your seat. Why not bring this lovable detail into your home and embrace the full cinema aesthetic?

Opt for a Projector Screen


(photo source: 20 Must-See Media Room Designs | HGTV)

When it comes to screen size, I think we can all agree bigger is better. That’s why we shell out $15 to see movies at the cinema! Bring that feature home with an automated projector and screen system.

Go Comfy and Chic with Couches & Poufs


(photo source: West Elm)

You can’t snuggle up at the movies the way you can at home. Capitalize on that and make your home theatre the ultimate lounge lair. Implement a large sectional and fill the negative floor space with fashionable poufs or bean bags.

Get Outdoors for the Ultimate Game Day


(Photo Source: Houzz)

Who says your media room has to be a room at all! Smarter Homes offers outdoor audio and video installation and integration. Take your game day to the next level with a backyard cookout and watch party all rolled into one!

Whatever you dream up for your media room, Smarter Homes can make it a reality. Give us a call today for a consultation or check out our Media Home page to get inspired.


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