There Is A New Way To Start Your Morning With The Installation Of A Smart Mirror. Dual Function Mirrors Are One Of The More Recent Attractions For Smart Home Integration.

A smart home is all about convenience, aesthetics, and design. We want items in our homes to look good, work great, and sometimes remain anonymous until we need them. The smart mirror is one of the more recent components to shine on the smart home revolution. As is with most homes, every day starts in the bathroom. That takes the average time of about twenty to thirty minutes or in some cases longer. You still have to get your breakfast in, get the day’s news, information, and let’s not forget the commute to work, school, or your office that awaits you. The smart mirror can help you get through your morning without a break your routine.

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The problem is that most people don’t have time to receive the information and news of the day while getting ready.

All too often we miss a good amount of the news or miss the weather forecast from being otherwise occupied with grooming and personal business in the bathroom. With the smart mirror, you no longer have to stretch your neck to strain to hear everything that’s going on in the world and around you. The current time, weather, and news are right at your fingertips or voice command while you take care of brushing your teeth, shaving, and other grooming. Check your calendar to see what you have scheduled. There’s also the TV function that you can use while you relax. The smart mirror is your solution to preparedness and controlling your day.

Your next move will probably be toward the kitchen to get coffee and some breakfast.

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With smart technology you can go from room to room and have the information follow you automatically on other smart devices. Add your smart home app to control other smart mirrors automated systems around the home. Use lighted frames to accent or add additional lighting to a room. There are many options with lighted frames that appeal to any taste. Give your living room a sleek, refined look without any electronic clutter. Use a smart mirror to provide information and entertainment when it suits you.

It should be noted that from our research, smart mirrors are regarded as new technology. A great deal of buyers, research should be done, which include reading reviews and comparing the capabilities of smart mirrors from a broad spectrum of companies. One thing that we found that should be brought to the buyer's attention is that smart mirrors, regardless of who they are manufactured by, need to be voice controlled. Touch mirrors would require a lot of cleaning of fingerprints.

Another thing that we thought is a concern, but have a solution to is moisture. It is undoubtedly certain that when a smart mirror is installed in a bathroom or moist outdoor setting, the device will have issues with the amount of moisture that it gets from humidity, condensation, and steam. If you feel that the smart mirror is a must have for your home, don’t buy from anyone else. We have the sealing techniques that are applied so the issues of moisture aren't a problem.

At Smarter Homes, we’re always upgrading our integrated systems to include the latest technology. When it comes to automated homes, we take pride in satisfying our customers beyond their greatest expectations. We create the WOW factor when we bring our magic to a home. If you want to experience the WOW factor too, schedule a tour of our smart home model.

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