A big move to a new city can be stressful: relocating all of your things, dealing with movers, timing out your new home’s completion with your arrival, and trying to make that new house really feel like home are just a few of the headaches coming your way. But there’s a lot to be excited about too. We’re here to help you find that silver lining.

Smarter Homes is a company centered around convenience, ease, luxury, and service. We take human error out of any technology-based equation. Today we’d like to bring some ease to you, the new homeowner in a new city, and welcome you to the ATX! You’re going to love it - here are a few reasons why.

Austin is the perfect combination of natural and manmade...

When you take a look at the environment of the city, it is a beautiful amalgamation of technology and innovation with mother earth’s beauty. Lady Bird Lake wraps around the southern edge of downtown. The Zilker trails take you from the heart of the business sector to a natural swimming home - Barton Springs. As much as the city has developed, even within the past year, we have always preserved the elements of geography that make Austin so special, with parks, kayaking docks, abundant foliage, and plenty of wildlife at every turn. Here are some ways to embrace both nature within the city:

No matter what you like, there’s plenty to eat...

Austin cuisine is famous for a lot of things. To list a few - BBQ, tacos, food trucks, ramen, beautiful brunches, fine dining, sushi, locally sourced organics, farm to table, vegan/vegetarian eateries, and more. There are options to satisfy every palette but what’s so exciting about the Austin food scene is that it is ever growing, ever changing, ever pushing the envelope. Entrepreneurs in the culinary world have so many options for success in this city and theirs paths to that destination are fascinating. From humble east-side food trucks, to multiple brick and mortar locations around town, you’ll have as much fun watching trends eb and flow as you will eating your way around town. Here are a few foodie guides to get you started:

There’s always something to do in the live music capital…

Being the live music capital of the world has transformed Austin into a vibrant artist’s haven. Between concerts, museums, galleries, art shows, fundraisers, sporting events, and meet-ups, there is constantly a community-driven event going on. It’s really easy to get involved with the city and find a niche group of people that care about your passion. Here are a few ways to keep up with what’s going on make plans at the drop of hat:

We hope that the excitement about everything our city has to offer surpasses the stresses of your home’s construction, renovation, upgrade, or move-in. Keep us in mind as you being to plan, construct, or settle into your new project. We understand your home's wires and make life with technology just as harmonious as you’re soon to be in the beautiful city.

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Welcome to the city and we can’t wait to work with you!