Spring Cleaning in Austin Texas

Here in Austin, we’re due for early spring - Huzzah! With the coming change of season, spring cleaning is upon us. It’s the perfect time to tidy the clutter, dust those hard to reach areas of your house, and throw out superfluous items. Why not take your seasonal blitz to the next level with Smarter Homes’ help?

The Room

If you’ve got messy wiring around your entertainment center, shotty wifi or cell service, or home technology that just doesn’t function properly, no amount of cleaning can remove the frustration, inconvenience, or clutter from your home.

Start the season off fresh with Smarter Homes. We hide the wires and cure the headaches! Here are some services you might consider to make you feel complete:

  • Retrofit Wiring - Just because your house is already built, doesn’t mean we can’t hide your wiring in the walls! If you’ve got cluttered, complicated systems, let us come clean it up!

  • Remote Access Locks & Doorbells - If receiving guests is a hassle, you’re looking for increased convenience, or you want to up the security of your home, smart locks and doorbells are a great direction to go in. You can see who’s at the door and unlock it for them from anywhere.

  • Energy Monitoring - Maybe what needs cleaning up is your carbon footprint! With energy monitoring, you can keep track of what’s draining energy in your home and racking up your bill. No electronic left on goes unseen with energy monitoring.

  • WiFi Upgrades and Cell Phone Boosting - Not being able to access the web from home can get unnerving FAST. Let us provide secure, all over home WiFi and install boosters for your cell phone signal so that you can be productive anywhere.

  • Central Vac - What better way to keep everything clean than with a central vacuum system. Never again will you have to manually coil and put away an electrical cord or vacuum hose when using this common-sense solution. It can be installed in most homes at any time! Hide-a-hose is the way to go.

Let us put a spring in your step this season!

Call us anytime with questions.