As you may have noticed, we haven’t said much in our blogs about energy conservation. So like a delectable desert, we saved it for the end of the month. We thought that it would be a great idea to do a little rewind of the Verge’s Home Of The Future with Grant Imahara and Peter Sandford, Episode 2: Energy Should Be Smarter.

Learn how to control your energy use when everyone is away from the home, and have energy ready for use when you most need it. Sit back and relax for a moment and enjoy this episode of the Verge’s Home Of The Future rewind. If you have question please call or write to us from the contact page of the website. Here’s the link.

For The Verge and Curbed's home of the future, renewable energy generation is directly integrated into the design of the house. Grant Imahara experiences how the home of the future can both generate its own power and reduce how much energy it needs.

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