Between holiday presents, preparing for guests, and resolutions for the new year, this season brings countless changes to the house. Now that the new year is upon us, what outdated tech have you upgraded? What do you still imagine transforming in 2019?


And what are the items we can all wave goodbye to as we leave them in 2018….


Portable Speakers as Home Audio

It’s become too easy to have amazing, high quality sound in the house to be using a portable speaker. With all of the advances in Bluetooth and app integration, not only can you fill the house with music by asking out loud, you can play any song, anywhere, in unsurpassed quality.

The Ole Oven and Stove


This year was huge for kitchen appliance gifting and the ole oven and stove aren’t the only sources of heat when it comes to the kitchen. Air fryers, sous vides, and Instant Pots are changing the game in the kitchen. No longer do you have to stand over a meal and watch it cook - kitchen appliances are hopping on the automated bandwagon and allowing you to step away and trust the technology.

Unexpected Guests

out_with_the_old_in_with_the_new/luma complete.jpg

Security Cameras and integrated doorbell systems are becoming a norm in high quality homes. “I wonder who that could be” has become obsolete. When someone’s at your door, you not only know who it is but you have the capability to communicate with them and even unlock the door from remote locations. As we upgrade the technology in our homes, it’s essential that our security systems follow close behind.

Keep your technology integrated and make your home smarter this year. We are so excited about all the flux 2019 has to offer and we hope to experience it with you.

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