How Will You Keep Your Deliveries Safe During The Holiday Season?

Research articulated by Forbes regarding the 2017 Holiday shopping season, online vs. in store shopping confirmed that, for the first time in history, online shopping surpassed in-store shopping. Online customers accounted for 49% of the U.S. holiday shopping statistic while in the store shopping only accounted for 42% of holiday shoppers. That’s with a 2% margin of error. As in-store shopping becomes displaced by online shopping, the mounds of packages left at door fronts will increase in number, leaving deliveries more vulnerable to theft.

video doorbell

Every smart home system that we create comes equipped with a high-end security system that enables you to keep an eye on the front door from anywhere. Included with your installation is a video doorbell that features a two-way intercom. With the video doorbell, you can visibly see and talk to a person at your front door without opening it. The person at your front door never has to know whether you are or you aren't at home because you can answer your door remotely with a cell phone or tablet.

Your video doorbell also allows you to have conversations with delivery people so that you can request for them to leave your packages in a safer place. With your remote access, you can operate the garage door or a gate so that deliveries can be left indoor and secure. Installed exterior security cameras help ensure that your deliveries and home are safe around the clock.


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