Humans aren't the only bodies that can benefit living in a smart home.

We often talk about the benefits of living in a smart home and forget about our pets. Our pets are going to live in our smart home with us and we need to think about how that affects them. The same considerations that we expect for our comfort should also account for theirs as well. In 2017, pet parents spent $69.5 billion, according to the Global Pet Expo held in Orlando, Florida. Many people that have fur babies believe that no expense is spared when providing for their pets. They go all out for their pets when purchasing toys, gadgets, clothing, & bedding. Why not consider the same for them when it comes to their living space.

Pets are more sensitive to temperature, and some more than others. A smart thermostat is ideal for controlling the home temperature, especially when we can control it remotely with a smart phone or other device. Pets that are furry tend to like home temperatures to be cooler than that of humans. It isn't an issue in Winter because we're already programming our smart home to lower temperatures during the daytime when everyone is away for the day. However, Summer may be a little more challenging when trying to keep your smart home cooler with your pets in mind. Keep in mind that your thermostat may need to be calibrated now and then.

pet feeder.PNG

Did you know that there are smart feeding devices for your pet that you can control from your smart phone or device? Our friends at Pet Net have developed an automated feeding system that can control the dispensing speed, the amount that is being dispensed, and the frequency. There is also a warning sent to you your smart device to let you know when the food level is low. Not only is the feeder a convenience for your pet, it is also a healthy step against pet obesity, by portioning and timing feedings. Integrating a smart feeding system for pets will help them live long, healthy and happy lives.


Security for your pet is the utmost important job of being a pet parent. The American Humane Association says that more than 10 million pets are lost or stolen every year. A smart pet door integration will help keep your pet from becoming part of the lost or stolen statistic. There are pet doors that will only open and close from either a handheld device or a programmed fob connected to the pet collar. The pet door remains locked until it is deactivated then re-locks again by a command or a timed switch. Such a pet door is excellent for outdoor potty breaks limiting pet accidents in the home. Your smart home security system plays a role in pet safety by monitoring and recording the activity outside of your home. Make the extra investment to keep your pets comfortable and safe.

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