With smart home living comes a smarter way of thinking.

Your home is a smart home and you’ve come to enjoy the convenience of living there. Maybe you’ve gotten so used to things being automated in your home that you have begun to expect to find the same conveniences outside of the home. We think that you’re going to like where this is going.

Late 70’s Moped

Late 70’s Moped

In the late 70’s mopeds were all the rave and you could hear them buzzing around all over town. The small two stroke motors added a new twist to cycling. In the past few years there has been a resurgence of small engine bicycles that are becoming even more popular than the moped. They work on the same premise of normal paddling assist being assisted by a small motor when needed. The big difference is that our new style of biking doesn’t use a gas motor. They’re totally electric. Welcome the E-Bike.

E-bikes have arrived and there are more foreign e-bike manufacturers that plan to enter the U. S. Market next year.

Smarter Homes of Austin E-Bike Choice by VanMoof

The bikes come with many features such as pedal assist, no assist, anti-theft devices, alarms, and Bluetooth phone capabilities.

At Smarter Homes of Austin, I think we agree that the E-Bike by Amsterdam based, VanMoof is our pick because of its features. You can decide for yourself which features that you like best in the following video. Respond to the blog to let us know which E-bike is the best fit for you and your smart home. If your home isn't a smart home, let's talk about a retrofit and give you a tour of our smart home model. You'll be amazed at all of the possibilities.

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