When Peter Sandford opened Smarter Homes of Austin for business, he knew from the very start that if he was going to make everything in a smarter home easy, the way to operate everything had to be easy too.

RTI Control Group.JPG

Over a period of several years we have adopted smart home technology as it was being rolled out. Our goal was to be on the cutting edge of the market using the best options in our designs and plans satisfying a steady flow of customers. How did Peter make it easy? He gave his customers options such as more than one way to control everything in the automated home. As you may have read in one of our previous blogs, the remote control has been around quite a while and that was an easy one. As technology progressed, Smarter Homes implemented the new digital technologies making the smarter home more and more automated.

Now you can use more than the remote control. Remote Technologies Inc., developed their app for controlling every aspect of the smart home with a tablet or cell phone, featuring an interface that is easy to understand and use. We've grown with the times and have introduced voice command modules such as Alexa. As you will see in the excerpt from The Verge's "Home Of The Future" we can expect more innovations to come, and Smarter Homes of Austin will fit them into our designs of home automation.

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