Suggestions for a school kid smart home.

Keep you children safe - Monitor them while your away

It's very common these days for both parents of a family to work and do so with school-aged children still at home. If this is your family, you have to ask yourself, "How do we keep our kids safe and on task when they get home from school?" At Smarter Homes of Austin, we have the perfect solution.

Let's start with Security. As a family company, we want to make sure that you have the proper smart security system to keep your kids safe when they arrive home from school. Here are some suggestions that we recommend for a smarter, safer, family.

Smart door locks are essential for school kids, and there are several options to get them inside quickly without having to fumble with keys. Keys are easy enough to use but they're small and can be hard to find in a backpack or book bag, not to mention they're also easy to lose. There are smart locks that you can consider that take the uncertainty about keys away.

Touchpads and buttons are an easy solution. Assign each child a code to use on the numbered keypad to let you know who's coming and going. These types of locks provide a quick entry and you can program the door to automatically lock after your kids are safe inside.

Fingerprint recognition smart locks use biometrics system to identify an authorized person thumb or fingerprint to unlock the door. These locks are also programmable for automatic locking and provide an even quicker entry as it only takes one touch for a read for entry.

Proximity smart locks are efficient in that they do not require interaction with the locking device. Assign each of your children a tracking device, a fob or micro-chip-reader, and when your children arrive home the lock senses the tracking device and unlocks the door automatically.

Facial recognition technology isn't widely used in residential situations, but it is still available for use in smart homes. A stand-alone camera or integrated video doorbell simply recognizes a persons face, authorized for entry. It's very secure in that if it doesn't recognize you, the door stays locked.

Keep in mind that you can monitor your kids remotely to ensure their safe arrival home from school with your smartphone or electronic device. Even though you're away or at work your presence at home is always there.

The video doorbell serves several functions from watching who's coming in and going, controlling deliveries, and autonomous living inside without anyone knowing whether or not you and your children are home. The kids can easily contact you through the video doorbell and your smartphone, if there is a lost phone or forgotten code to get in, and you can relax away from home knowing that they have a way in and inside.

Monitoring the activity of your kids at home is a very good reason to have security cameras in and about the house. Again, we're going to rely on our smartphone to keep an eye on things. With security cameras, you can see who came home with which child and the knowledge of who is in your home at all times. Ensure the kids are doing their homework and chores. If the TV, game controller, or computer becomes an issue, remember you're in a smart home and you're in control. You can set limits on entertainment access and keep them on track visually and with your voice. Security cameras are a big plus when it comes to kids alone at home.

When the homework and chores are done keep the kids from getting restless with the entertainment smart home style. Control what they watch and hear, when they watch and here. Program movies in a smart home theater, lock and unlock access to the pool.

You can also reach out to your kids and communicate with them at any time for the times when they need help with homework, ask what's for dinner, or they just need to talk.

Your smart home family will appreciate all of the things that you and your home can provide. At Smarter Homes of Austin, we know what it's like being parents and having kids in school. We are a family-oriented company with the safety of your family in mind.

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