Just like individuals set lofty goals in the new year, so too do businesses. At Smarter Homes, we are so excited about the growth and opportunity that 2019 has to offer. It’s our goal to connect with more builders, interior designers, and contractors than ever before to bring convenience and worry-free technology to the homeowners of Austin.

What are your goals in this new year? And how can we help?


Perhaps you’d like to spend more time among friends, entertaining, breaking bread together, and enjoying the company of those that make life worth living. Let’s transform your space into the ultimate hosting spot with a surround sound system, smart TV control, and the ability to answer guests at the door from anywhere in your house.


Maybe you’ve got aspirations to be your healthiest you this year. Let’s give your TV the ability to stream workouts, make your kitchen a convenient room you love being in to prepare healthy meals, and allow you to heat your pool ahead of time so you can swim laps no matter the weather.


If you own a business that specializes in hospitality or superior customer service, your goal may be to improve the customer experience and strengthen the businesses performance. Let’s equip quests with the capability to control their whole room from a singular device, increase security and peace of mind, and allow you to effectively monitor energy and cut down costs.

Whether your goals are set to help yourself, others, or your business, turning your property into a Smarter space is a sure fire way to improve your quality of life in 2019 and eliminate the possibility of human error.

Let’s grow together this year. Give us a call anytime with your ideas about how. (512) 755-6101

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