Meet Sarah Yoakley Smarter Homes of Austin Customer Relations and Marketing.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome a new member to our marketing team here at Smarter Homes of Austin. We are very excited to have Sarah Yoakley on board. She’s a marketing professional and will serve as our managing field agent, specializing in presenting our business and core values to interior design and real estate firms.

Sarah has already proven her valuable experience and come to the table prepared with a skill set unlike others her age. She has become an integral part of our marketing team whose expertise and knowledge are guaranteed to give a boast to our growth as a company. We were very impressed with her and look forward to many years of her working with us. Our directing marketing manager praises Sarah and says that she brings fresh new experience to the marketing team - from her more recent training in marketing to her knowledge of the latest marketing trends. She is a huge asset to Smarter Homes of Austin.

Sarah’s primary role will be to contact and meet interior designers and real estate firms to bring them up to date with what low voltage wiring and smart home technology trends are available to the home improvement and buying industry.

If you would like to reach out to Sarah to talk more about Smarter Homes capabilities and services, email her at


Sarah Yoakley | Customer Relations & Marketing

Sarah has been working in customer service and content creation concurrently for nearly a decade. She holds two degrees from one of the top communication schools in the country, The University of Texas.

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