I had the privilege of visiting the Smarter Homes of Austin model home. Owner, Peter Sandford, was kind enough to show me his extensive art collection hanging in the living room. I wasn't sure at first but something was afoot. There is a huge painting that hangs on a wall and it seemed to change with each visit. Peter grabbed the remote that operates most everything in the home including the artwork, and he began changing the picture within the frame. I recognized a Monet, Divinci, and a Van Gogh all in about a minute. 

As you probably figured out by now, I was looking at a flat screen TV, and not just any TV. The screen made the painting and frame seem as though you were seeing it first hand in person. The home theaters that Smarter Homes of Austin installs come equipped with a 65 inch LG 8000 Series HD flat-screen connected to your favorite video devices and the Sonos 5.1 Home Entertainment Package. 

Choose this feature of our home automated services line-up. The next time you watch a video, you won't wish you were there because you'll feel as though you've arrived. For more information please call Peter Sandford  512-785-0032 (cell) for a free consultation. 

Please comment and let me know what painting or art graphic that you'd like to enhance your show place with. Here's mine. 

David H.


The Storm by Pierre Auguste Cot

The Storm by Pierre Auguste Cot