While it may not be the most difficult challenge of your day, we recognize that when you finally wind down at the end of a long one, the last thing you want is to hop up again and adjust the thermostat. Never again.

Take Human Error Out Of The Equation

smart thermostat

Smart thermostats operate on the schedule of your life and comfort preferences. Energy efficient has never been easier than allowing the thermostat to handle temperature through automation. If you’ve ever left the AC running all day while you were out, you’ll appreciate how a smart thermostat can detect the homes occupancy and adjust its settings to save money while you’re away from the home or specific areas.

Keep An Eye On Energy

Thermostats are statistically one of the highest drains on energy. A smart thermostat is like a window into your home. Check the App while you’re away to see if the AC is running (and at what temperature). Aside from setting schedules that match your home and work hours, you can change the temperature at anytime, whether it’s your home or vacation home.

Adjust Your Homes Settings From Anywhere

On those days when you come home early from work or vacation or you’re still in bed and just wish you could adjust the thermostat a couple degrees without getting up -  we’ve got you covered. Using your personal device, Amazon Alexa, Google Home or a smarter home remote control, you can easily control your thermostat.

Save Money

Smart thermostats can help homeowners and families save money each month. Smart thermostats are efficiently automated and allow you to use less energy, all while helping the environment. On average, smart thermostats such as the Nest Learning Thermostat provide average savings of $131 to $145 a year. You can increase your savings by automating window coverings to reduce the amount of heat entering the home through the windows.