The holidays are a harbinger of lots of things: cold weather, vacations, celebration, house guests, party hosting, etc. This time of year is supposed to be filled with love and joy, but the unspoken truth is that sometimes, December is downright stressful. Between the money you’re spending, messes you’re cleaning, and errands you’re running, it’s easy to get distracted from what matters the most this time of year.

There are a lot of ways spending your holiday season in a smart home can make life a breeze and keep you present in the moment instead of stressing over preparations.

Energy Monitoring is Made Easy

With a full house, a single home’s energy use can go through the roof during the holidays. However, with real time energy monitoring, you can keep an eye on your use at all times. The levels in use are displayed on your control panel, showing you if someone left a light on upstairs or kept the heat running when no one was home. You can also program your heating/air to a set schedule that keeps your home comfortable at the most energy efficient times. Smarter Homes will even help you automate your Christmas lights!

Be the Hostess With the Mostest


Integrated video and audio control can keep everyone entertained with minimal effort. You can fill the whole house with seasonal tunes using your SONOS surround sound system; both inside and out. Get the hot tub heating while you make dinner, stream a movie in the living room for the family, and lower the blinds for the evening, all at the SAME. TIME. Plus, you can easily adjust your homes lighting to fit the mood.

Take Care of Home, Away From Home

If you’re spending the holidays elsewhere, your smart home will be perfectly fine without you. In fact, you can keep an eye on it no matter where you are. With your security system and cameras integrated into the Smarter Homes system, you’ll be able to monitor and check in on your place from wherever the holidays take you. Plus, with door lock integration, you can let in a house or pet sitter without having to leave a spare key lying around for them. It’s all under your control with Smarter Homes.

Have questions about technology integration for this holiday season? Call us, night or day at (512) 775-6101. Browse the site to explore some of the capabilities we offer at . And remember, giving the gift of technology integration is one that will always keep giving!

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