Some people still like their way of doing things and not everyone uses ipad or mobile phone technology. We've developed a home automation system just for you with the RTI Universal Remote Control. 

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With the RTI remote you can do everything remotely that others can do with their computing devices. Control the climate of your home, raise and lower the blinds, control all of your media devices, and even turn the hot tub on. Remotes are something that everyone is comfortable with because they've been around for a long time. In 1955 the "Flashmatic" a wireless remote control for the TV was designed and the prototype constructed by Eugene Polley. However, remote controls were used for other things way before the mid 50's. The first remote garage door opener was invented by C. G. Johnson in 1926. Everyone is familiar with the remote control and it is a technology that continues to evolve with several industries today. 

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Put the power of home automation in your hands with the RTI remote control. Stay with what you're comfortable with. When you're buying the best home automation system by Smarter Homes of Austin, you can be assured that all users of your smart home are able to control the automation. Control the lighting or play music in different zones. At Smarter Homes of Austin, not only did we want a remote that is user-friendly, we wanted to offer a remote that you and your family would have fun using. Visit our contact page from the menu above and schedule a tour of our model home to see how all of our systems work. Smarter Homes of Austin can install during your new build or retrofit your existing home. You can have your home of the future today. 

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