The Future Is Near Or Is It Already Here?

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Humans have always found fascination with the future, learning and working to make life essentially easier. The modern human has been here for about 200,000 years. The industrial revolution didn't happen until the late 1,700's and within that frame of time the digital age, followed by Gen X & the Millinials began around 1950's to the present. Most of the world's technology today was invented during the past 60 years. That is a very small fraction of time considering the dawn of humans. To really bring that into perspective, the very first edition of Windows was released in 1985 which was really the gateway to personal computing for home and business. Sure, there were computers operational before them, but they had to rely on soft drives like magnetic tape or discs, and some of the punch cards. With all of that said, we've come a long way very fast when it comes to making our lives better. Still, what would you think If I told you things were going to get even better? Is it even possible to go further than we've gone?

I think we can answer that every day when we at Smarter Homes of Austin look into innovations that improve our smart home integrations. We've taken our industry to a whole new level, always staying up to date with the newest technology trends and delivering them to our customers. Over the years, we have adopted many new innovations that enhance the smart homes that we install. If a customer wants it automated, we do our best to make it happen, even if we have to design it ourselves. A little bit of imagination goes a long way, especially with the design team that we have here at Smarter Homes. So where do we take things from here? Now we have the automated home, everything around it automated. Shouldn't we explore things that we can add to compliment our smart home and community? Here's the great part about this, many of these expansions and upgrades are currently available or in the works of becoming available very soon.


Here are just a few of the ideas that only you, the readers of this blog will have access to. We're setting up a hidden page on our website for you to view and read about several innovations that are really going to interest you. Watch a video about a robot that is currently being added to smart homes that can take voice commands through voice activation and remote control. The possibilities seem to be endless for the end user. How about your weekly grocery order ordered by your fridge and pantry delivered by an unmanned car. Kroger food centers are already field testing it. Speaking of automated cars, we know that's coming, right? What's even better is now Alexa is going along for the ride. We're sure that other virtual assistants will come on board with their version soon.

There's even more than what we've mentioned, but to learn more about all of them. You will need to follow this link to the exclusive webpage that we created just for you. While you are there, check out other pages of our website to see what we currently offer. If you see something you like or have found something that would tie into automation and smart homes, come back to this blog and let us know what you found.