Having a home automation system can open many doors for you, literally.

What would you think if I told you that you can control everything in your home with your phone? Today’s smart home technology can control every aspect of your automated home, including the outside of your home. How you ask? The short answer is, we add the same application that you’re using on your indoor Ipad to your smartphone. Now the fun really begins.

the ring doorbell.jpg

Here are a few things that you can do by using the remote interface on your smartphone.

Let’s start with security. With the remote interface, you can answer the doorbell without anyone realizing that you’re not home. If a person is acting suspiciously, let them know through your doorbell intercom that you have alerted the police and that you have a screenshot of what they look like to send as well. No more missing packages at the front door, no looking through a mail slot. You see them but they can’t see you so they don’t have a clue that you aren’t home. If you think it’s fun watching him run across the yard leaving before the police arrive, have more fun by remotely activating your lawn irrigation system. Your automated sprinkler system works on stray animals that enter your yard. You can watch from all angles too by remotely viewing the cameras connected to your security system.

Another feature to touch on is the automated door locks on your home.

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Make sure the home is secure at night by preprogramming all of the doors to lock say 10:00. That is the household curfew. Anyone that comes in later than that has to get in with their security code. Review your security logs the next day to see who came sneaking in late and the time that they came home. Don’t forget that your phone controls everything the Ipad does allowing you to restrict wifi privileges for the electronic devices in their room.

Everyone loves a garage door opener and you won’t have to worry about losing the garage door opener inside the car. Use your smartphone and have the home automation open it for you. It’s also handy to use when there is bad weather. Here’s a great combination of remote operations that will give you peace of mind. When you have a delivery person ring the doorbell, let them know that you’re opening the garage door and to set your packages inside. Now, wasn’t that handy.

There are so many other features to go over but we just don’t have time to do it in a blog. Check out our video feature on home of the future for more information. Call the owner of Smarter Homes, Peter Sandford, at 512-785-0032 and set up an appointment to view the Smarter Homes model home.