At Smarter Homes, we are all about integration so naturally we get pretty jazzed when the rest of the world starts to follow suit.

This month, Spectrum TV has announced the launch of its new application for Apple TV, allowing you stream all your favorite Spectrum channels through your smart TV.

This is a huge step towards further integrating your media experience. Many people feel they have to choose between streaming subscriptions such as Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Go and a TV channel provider. Either that or they pay for both and have to deal with the hassle of switching inputs back and forth on their television.

With this new app, hundreds of Spectrum channels are bundled up into an easily accessible app right inside your Apple TV. You can quickly and easily browse all of your media options through one central platform: Apple TV.

How will you stream in the future. Take a deeper look into the latest information published in this Charter article from 9TO5 Mac.