People do business with companies everyday without meeting the owners.

Sometimes you may never meet the owner of a company that you buy from. The same can’t be said about Smarter Homes of Austin. Before I go into detail let me expand on what I think seeing an owner at a business does for me, and what it should do for you.

First of all, one of the most important reasons that an owner has a business is to make money and provide employment for workers, right? So it’s easy to conceive that owners that are on site are really into their customers needs and making sure that they are fully satisfied. A customer pretty much sees that when an owner is on site things happen and they get the sense that their particular job is being well taken care of by the top knowledge base of the company. That’s a sense of comfort when you spending money on high end home improvements.

Next, owners that show up on site and give a hand to workers are highly respected by their staff, building a camaraderie between employer and employee. Owners have the most knowledge about the goods and services that they produce by their company, therefore company employees are more apt ask for help or advices if needed. The owner can also see if things are being carried out the way they’ve designed them to operate and make necessary corrections or give instructions on a better way to perform tasks or present products.

Over the years, there are a few things that I have learned about company owners. The thing that keeps coming to mind is that owners aren’t in the businesses to solely make a profit. Their are other factors of why someone goes into business. To many owners, things like adding jobs to the workforce, interacting with people, and having something to do are just as important. However, not every owner thinks like that. Smarter Homes of Austin is one of the fortunate companies that has an owner that sees everything about what their company does as important. Enter Peter Sandford.

D. Harrison

Peter Sandford - Owner and Founder of Smarter Homes of Austin

Peter Sandford - Owner and Founder of Smarter Homes of Austin

Peter Sandford is the owner and founder of Smarter Homes of Austin and he goes beyond everything good we talked about regarding owners. Peter is all about having more time for family, more income for family, and sharing those same values with customers and the staff that work for him. He is often heard saying, “If Smarter Homes does well, we all do well,” meaning customers and staff. Peter also realizes that not only is Smarter Homes of Austin an investment to support his family, but it is his way of bolstering the local economy and building the community that he lives in. He sees value in an area and promotes the nirvanah of good healthy living.

To read more about Peter, owner of Smarter Homes of Austin go to the about us page and read about our owner

While you’re on the website, take a look at what the Smarter Home that Peter has built, has to offer. What business owner publicizes their personal phone number? Peter does because he wants to answer any questions that you may have about automating your home. You can also schedule tour of the Smarter Homes of Austin-model home with your tour guide/owner Peter Sandford.

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