Buying A Maintenance Plan For Your Smart Home Is Like Buying An Extended Warranty.

It’s a known fact that technology can cause headaches now and then and most issues come from neglect of your smart home system. Every kind of modern technology has updates and changes to the software so a monthly maintenance is almost a necessity to keep things running smoothly. We find that many of our customers are either too busy or it’s something they don’t think of. There are some that think they do not need a maintenance plan and question why should they spend the extra money.

Having a maintenance plan has many advantages.

maintenance redo.png

Sure, they cost a little extra but isn't it worth it considering not having one later on? What if a couple years go by and suddenly one of your components stop working? Most likely your warranty has expired and you are stuck with the most costly repair of the unit, or you make do without it.

With the maintenance plan, your system would be checked and cleaned on a monthly basis. Diagnostics are run to ensure that everything is in working order, You receive regular upgrades which can correct software and hardware malfunctions. If also give you the chance to speak to your tech to find out if there are any must have upgrades that have just been released.

There are many reasons why you should buy the maintenance plan, but the main reason is that it will save you money, time, and headaches. Eliminate down time and extend the life of every smart home component with a monthly plan that ensures a home of ease and happiness.

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