When the temperature finally drops here in Texas, it happens fast. And every year my natural schedule and rhythm converts to slow motion. I spend a good chunk of my morning trying to muster the willpower to get out of my warm blankets. Then, I stand in the hot shower for much longer than I need to. When I get home in the evenings, I camp out in the driveway, thoroughly dreading the walk from the car to the house, and the wait while the house heats. 

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With a smart home, a lot of these winter drudgeries are eliminated with ease. Smarter Homes can integrate your thermostat onto an IPad control system, or even make it accessible via your phone. That means warming up the house before you arrive, setting the system to a precise schedule, monitoring your energy use in real time, and adjusting settings from wherever you are. 

A big message we like to hammer home is that making your home a smart one takes human error out of the equation. So, whether you forgot to turn the heater off in the vacation home or you’re trying to turn yours on before you arrive, there’s no hassle with a Smarter Home. 

Contact us today about upgrading to a Smarter Thermostat or integrating any smart technology system in your home. The burdens of winter get a lot lighter when your home is smart and ready!

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Smart Home Thermostats

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