The latest rage in our technical age is making everything wireless, and sticking it in the cloud. Jared Norman has written an article about his five years ago and in today's age, he couldn't have been more correct about using wired networks over wireless. We want systems that are secure and dependable. Norman's article, "4 Reasons Why Wired Networks Are Still Better Than Wife," explains that wired connections (Ethernet) has been around for 30 + years and many remarkable breakthroughs and achievements have helped defend it's integrity over wireless (Wifi). 

You can read the complete article here.  


At Smarter Homes of Austin, we use the best of both technologies, wired and wireless, so that your home automation operates its best. Our network systems that connect the brain of the house to all of its smart capabilities are hard wired, leaving only wireless signals for mobile devices that can't normally connect to wired services. That being said, your smarter home is more secure relieving worries of broken encryptions and hacking. The shielded Ethernet wires detract from interference from outside interference, where wireless connections can be disrupted by a multitude of factors. The right balance of wired and wireless technology has to be installed or it doesn't work. 

If you notice interference or weaker operation of a system, give us a call to schedule a free system diagnostic and assessment. Isn't it time to re-educate your home to the smartest that it can be? 


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