Many U. S. states are experiencing a second or third wave of the pandemic. Families are foregoing their traditional holiday celebrations this year; however, you don’t have to do that. It’s easy to put together a virtual holiday and enjoy the company of others without risking anyone’s’ health. So go ahead and plan your feast, decorate, and use your virtual assistant to do your holiday shopping this year. Here’s a plan that is sure to work. 


Let’s start putting things together by planning the best way to celebrate virtually. It helps to have a virtual assistant such as Alexa, Siri, or Google. You’ll want to keep your family safe, so limiting shopping trips is essential. Order your fixings, decorations, gifts, and anything else you need through your virtual assistant, but do it earlier than usual. According to NBC News holiday shopping predictions, shopping trends have changed, and this holiday season will be the busiest on record.


 The virtual assistant makes online shopping easier without the risk of going into crowded stores. HEB stores in Texas offer an online app that you can use with your smart device or virtual assistant to shop for groceries. To make things more convenient, curbside pickup and delivery options are available after you’ve placed your online order. Get this, when ordering, they allot a certain amount of time that you can add to your order just in case you forget something. Walmart and Aldi’s offers similar if not the same services. 

Almost every store has options to order online, and of course, Amazon is going to make gifting more accessible than ever. Many believe that this will become the norm for the future, and last year, even before covid, U.S. online holiday sales surpassed in-store purchases for the first time in history. No doubt with the latest surge of Covid-19 will have an extreme effect on holiday online shopping this year. 

How Using Home Audio And Video Can Create A Festive Holiday. 


A huge part of holiday celebrations can include music and various other types of entertainment. Home technology has become a vital part of this culture, with homes implementing whole-home audio, media rooms, home theaters, virtual assistants, and many other entertainment types. 

Virtual assistants and whole-home audio play a massive role in creating the sounds you want for your holiday celebration. Alexa, Google, Siri, and other virtual assistants can help you pick and choose music requests from across the different genres and from many libraries. Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanza, and secular can be added to a playlist so that anyone can hear their favorites in a variety of situations. 

Include zoned music to your home automation to play audio for the whole house or home sections such as the living room or patio. Having holiday music in the background with voice-controlled audio adds to the occasion of opening gifts, tree lightings, and even in-home caroling to stream out to family and friends. 

Music seems to come out of nowhere with recessed or hidden speakers and flood your home with the holiday spirit and cheer. Virtual assistants can play your music as well as high-end home automation speakers from companies like Sonos. In warmer climates, you may want to celebrate outside in your yard or on the patio. There are external options for audio there too.

There Is Safety In Streaming.

For most, the holidays are a time for family gatherings; however, the pandemic has put a damper on extended family visits, or has it? Programs and applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and Facebook’s Face Time/Live fill the gap left by people staying put protecting the extended family. The Amazon Echo Show is just one example of smart devices with a camera and lets families see and hear each other while celebrating. 

Set up a live stream from a computer, iPhone, or other smart devices to project to the large screen to get the sense of your loved ones being with you. They can do the same on their end. Set a place for your device at the feast table so everyone can enjoy the meal together. It’s the next best thing to them being there, and everyone is safe from travel risks. 

Share a holiday movie using the Disney + group sharing option. Many other programs enable screen sharing for other movie options. Movie sharing works excellent in an in-home movie theater setting. Grandma and Grandpa, along with other relatives, can join in board games by positioning a streaming device to where they can see the board on their end. All that’s needed is for someone to spin the wheel or throw the die to take their turn. There are tons of online games that allow group set-ups for family groups to play games like UNO and Monopoly together. 

Families can also stream live plays and music for each other. Streaming karaoke fun that everyone can join in live and abroad will be very popular this year. Having a simple get together so everyone can chat or one-on-one conversations also help fill a void from family and friends not being able to visit in person. All possible through home networks and whole-house WiFi. 

Lighting Adds Emphasis To Any Holiday Or Festive Celebration.

Low voltage lighting adds a whole new concept to decorating for a holiday or any celebration. LED lighting and automation bring a unique experience to the effects and ambiance of a home. The latest lighting technology is innovative, to say the least, featuring options to set lighting colors and levels from a simple push of a button or voice command. 

Home automation allows you to program lights to display when and how you want them to. These days, more homes create extravagant exterior holiday displays, choreographed to music, with some tied into the home automation system. The once-popular holiday activity of taking the family for a ride around town to see houses decorated with lights could see a revival this year because of the pandemic, which will hinder or cancel many holiday group events. 

optimizediphone_smarter-homes_austin_texas 4.png

To show your holiday spirit from a distance, decorate a window or your entire home inside and out. You will find that many automated lighting systems are controlled by an iPhone or smart device, providing easy operation. Leave the wreath on the door lit but turn off or program the other exterior lights to shut off at a predetermined time. Special holiday lighting, especially during a pandemic, creates an uplifting spirit for everyone and is a great way to enjoy the holidays yourself.

Use Security To Ensure That Your Holiday Celebration Is Safe. 

Part of the virtual holiday set-up must include security. Alarms systems to protect the home from fire, carbon monoxide, robbery, or weather-related hazards are essential. The crisis that has developed from the pandemic creates multiple opportunities for bad things to happen. 

Integrating security features like smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, motion sensors, automated locks for doors and windows, security cameras, video doorbells, automatic gate/garage door openers, and security cameras are critical to keeping your holiday safe and fun. Home automation systems accommodate all of these security features and make them operable from your smart device or phone. 

The video doorbell is a very nice feature to have during the pandemic. You can see people outside of your home and communicate with them to inform them if you’re receiving guests, without them knowing whether you’re at home or not. You can also give special instructions to delivery drivers or ward off those would-be package thieves from anywhere you have an internet connection. Record from your device or set your video doorbell to record every incident. A complete home security system puts any homeowner’s mind at ease, especially during the holidays. 

2020 will go down in history books as a year that changed the world and show that we survived it largely in part from the technology we used in our homes. Companies like Smarter Homes of Austin ensure that our families continue to thrive by adding innovative, cutting edge technology to weather, even a pandemic. 

An influx of innovation meant the masses were finally able to afford high-tech home features that were previously rare and expensive. With increasingly complicated technology came the demand for simplicity in control, and thus the home automation industry thrived. But what does it really mean to live in a smart home and what are the benefits? 

If this blog is your first introduction to us, we are Smarter Homes, a company located in Austin, Texas that transforms houses into smart homes, whether they are being newly built, or the client wants to upgrade their already existing house. Smarter Homes can install and automate just about any tech product on the market. Let’s take a tour of what makes a home “smart”, the benefits of embracing smart technology, and some fun luxury services they offer. 

The Making Of A Smart Home

The technology within a smart home is installed in such a way that is not only easily controlled, but also accessible from other pieces of technology in the house. That means that one piece of technology can communicate with another piece of technology, even if they perform different functions. Many homes are equipped with smart home features, such as a Google Home speaker that takes commands to control the lighting, but without an open API, the home cannot fully function and control all technology seamlessly without human intervention. Smarter Homes explains the difference between an open and closed API system here, but for the sake of brevity, all you need to understand is that in a smart home, everything is interconnected. 


That connection starts with a WiFi set-up that can’t be beaten. Smarter Homes builds its clients their own private, WiFi network in which they own all of the equipment. It’s more reliable, secure, and can reach the far corners of any estate. Once your WiFi system is perfected, you have the freedom to customize your home with smart lighting, security, audio and video, and more. 

One final quality that makes up a smart home is the ease with which you can control its features. Smarter Homes partners with a control company called RTI to bring complete ease to their client’s technology control. According to the preference of the client, RTI equips them with the ability to control every piece of the home technology with a classic remote control, an in-wall touchpad, a countertop touch panel, or even from their personal device.

The Benefits Of Smart Home Technology


When everything in the home functions in synchronization, you end up with a home that’s human-error proof. The highest levels of efficiency can be achieved when you have the capability to automate systems prone to being forgotten. This is illustrated beautifully through Smarter Homes’ room “scenes”, security systems, and energy efficiency monitoring.

Room scenes are automated groupings that allow homeowners to design pre-selected modes for their homes to occupy, based on the family’s needs. For example, with the click of an “away” mode in the app, your home will turn up or off the HVAC system, lock all the doors, arm the security system, make sure every light is off, switch off your hot water heater, and halt the functions of any left on and forgotten devices. Perhaps the family is in for the night and they just want the home to know they are ready to “stay”. By selecting that scene, your home can lock up for you and adjust the lighting to only bedrooms. The custom possibilities are endless. 

By automating your security system, you can also take peace of mind with you wherever you go. Occupancy sensors detect when the home has been abandoned and will trigger your system into action, even if you forgot. You can check on the house from your phone from anywhere, watching live footage from cameras or checking who is at the door with your smart doorbell. Complicated security systems deter use, but Smarter Homes brings ease into security and gives you one less thing to remember in your hectic life. You can choose to sense occupancy, window breaks, forced entry, CO2, flooding, and smoke.

The final major benefit is energy efficiency. Monitoring your home’s current and previous wattage usage is accessible within the app. Education is the first step to efficiency and with this knowledge, you can design automation systems that cut down energy waste and save you money on utilities. Smarter Homes can even put your house on a schedule that provides energy during high use times and cuts it to certain places when they are not used. 

Luxury Smart Home Features

When it comes to designing your dream home, it isn’t all about practicality. Smarter Homes loves to bring elegance and luxury into the lives of its clients. Imagine for a moment, a romantic night in with your significant other. With a scene designed for just that, one button could turn on jazz, lower the blinds, heat the hot tub, dim the lights, and adjust the thermostat. Perhaps you are a movie buff or gamer.

How about a custom home theater with surround sound, a projector screen, movie seats, and low LED strip lights that slowly dim as you find your seat.

One final possibility worth exploring: the master gardener. Smarter Homes installs automated irrigation which puts your yard on a watering schedule based on the weather, humidity levels, precipitation of the soil, sunlight, and previous use.

There is truly no limit to what a smart home can do, especially with the help of a one-stop-shop home technology company like Smarter Homes. Contact them today with any further questions you may have

To understand Z-Wave, let’s take a look at how it works. Z-Wave operates on a radio channel that allows you to manage devices from your smartphone, computer, or tablet. In a sense, it enables smart devices to connect and talk with each other. The Z-Wave hub takes a command sent from your smart controller and reroutes it from the hub to another smart device. 


Z-Wave can operate various devices such as smart locks, garage doors, automated gates, etc. Z-Wave works excellent for automatic gates that may have too great a distance to utilize the home automation system. Older systems required expensive trenching from the home to the gate. It could also be costly, depending on the length needed to run conduit and wiring. With a Z-Wave hub, there’s no need for the extra wiring and work. 

WiFi has its advantages, but many homes experience interference and low signal, impairing device operation. Z-Wave works on a different, lower radio frequency, which means few interruptions and better reliability. WiFi, with its higher radio frequency of 2.4 GHz compared to Z-Wave’s 908.2 MHz, can experience serious impedance resulting in increase downtime of your home tech automation, especially over great distances. 

In the open air, the Z-Wave radio signal can travel over 300 feet. However, it is less effective when using it inside the home or between buildings as they reduce the radio waves significantly. In these circumstances, a hub needs placing about every 30 feet. That can also get costly for large homes and buildings. 

Z-Wave Safe From Hackers

Is Z-Wave safe from intrusion and hackers? The creators of Z-Wave designed a system and included the same type of encryption that banks use, which is pretty powerful. So your home is safe and secure from external threats. That encryption works over multiple devices too.  

Easy Maintenance Of Z-Wave

When it comes to maintenance, a Z-Wave repair is relatively easy, and most usually involve the same steps to repair other mesh networks. 

  1. Go to the menu
  2. Select Z-Wave hub
  3. Select more options
  4. Open Z-Wave utilities
  5. Select repair Z-Wave Network

Z-Wave, designed with simplicity, makes mesh network repair easy. Keep in mind that your home technology installer can help you if the task seems too daunting. In many instances, the repair can happen remotely from your installers device, so no need for a costly time-consuming visit. 

Z-Wave And Virtual Assistants

Home assistants - smarter homes -austin tx.png

Home or personal assistants are more prevalent in everyday life, enabling home technology control by voice activation. The setup for Z-Wave to interact with assist devices is just as easy as the mesh network repair. 

  1. Open the Z-Wave control panel on your device
  2. Select the Add Node Secure function under the Z-Wave management card
  3. Activate your device by following its instructions
  4. Then select Heal Network

Presto, your device is connected. However, not all home or personal assistants are created equal. There are some subtle differences in how each type of assistant connects, for example.

  1. Alexa already recognizes Z-Wave and Z-Wave Plus protocols, and the latest versions of Amazon devices don’t even need the hub to connect tech devices and use them. Alexa no longer requires a bridge between the hub and the device. It works incredibly well for multiple users in the home. 
  2. Google Home needs something a little extra because alone, it can control Z-Wave devices directly. Google Home must connect to a separate hub such as Samsung, Wink, or Smart Thing for devices to work correctly. The language used to operate devices can be somewhat different. 

Z-Wave can operate with other assistants; however, you will need to check with the manufacturer before purchasing for Z-Wave compatibility. Again, your home tech installer can do all of the leg work for you. 

Extenders & Control

A Z-wave extender works well for those that do not use another type of network and need to reach devices in weaker signal areas of the home. An extender plugs into an electrical outlet, and smart devices can piggyback off of it as it communicates with the hub. That makes the whole home control a reality. 

Please keep in mind that you can’t use multiple control hubs in your home because devices can only connect to one network hub. If you try and use more than one hub, many devices will lose their connectivity and become inoperable. However, with Z-Wave, this isn’t an issue. A Z-wave hub will connect up to 232 devices, and that’s a lot of technological capability for any home. 

Your home technology installer is the best person to talk to when it comes to purchasing Z-Wave compatible products. They’ll also know where the best area is to position the hub and extenders and coordinate them to where your devices are in and around the home. In most cases, a designer will create a floorplan of where everything goes. 

Z-Wave is a contender to consider if you’re looking for an efficient alternative to smart home technology control. Earlier in 2020, Silicon Labs announced that changes were happening. Z-Wave would switch to being an open standard allowing other manufacturers to produce the Z-Wave radio chip. Doing so will be a game-changer for Silicon Labs & Z-Wave to help them in their quest to remain a viable part of the smart home technology industry. In return, creating a broader market. 

Once again, your home technology installer will have the latest and best information about using Z-Wave in your home. Most companies recommend hiring a professional because many home technology installers offer maintenance plans and guarantees. Do the homework and choose the best professional that fits your budget and needs. 

There’s No Question That The Pandemic Has Changed Things, And Living As We Know It Will Never Be The Same. 


People with home technology find that the constraints of staying home are easily more bearable with smart devices and apps. Homeowners are creating home offices so that they can work from home. Classrooms are being implemented into the house so that children can attend school at home. The smart home can deliver many features to make staying at home less monotonous.

One Of The Essential Features Of Home Technology Is Security. 

Video doorbells, smart locks, security cameras, motion sensors, alarms for smoke, carbon monoxide & intrusion, motorized shades/blinds, and automated gates and garage doors play an important role in keeping you and your family safe. 

Whole-House WiFi Keeps You Connected In And Around Your Home.

Optimized-Austin WiFi Installation (1).png

As mentioned earlier, some homes now require a home office or classroom, and it essential that these rooms have access to WiFi to keep earning money and learning. However, those aren’t the only rooms that require WiFi. 

Much of home technology needs access to WiFi for entertainment, ordering groceries, controlling automation. For those expansive homes, WiFi expanders make it available everywhere on your property. You never have to worry about a dead signal spot. 

Stream videos in your home theater or have your fridge inventory and order groceries for you. Voice assistants like Alexa need access to the network. WiFi is becoming more of a necessity in any home, even the simplest of homes. It also keeps us connected socially.

Home Theaters And Media Rooms Entertain And Keep Us Informed. 

optimized-home theater- smarter homes austin

There’s nothing like family time at the end of the day, and a home media room is just the ticket for some relaxation. A home theater gives an actual theater experience, and many homes deck theirs out to be state of the art theaters. Both are great for streaming movies, playing video games, and the occasional family zoom meeting with loved ones near and far. 

Have a presentation to give for clients? Do it right from home, interactively standing in front of the large screen. If you’re a teacher and you want to interact with the whole class, tile all of those young, eager faces upon your big screen. Host family karaoke night at home and stream it with family and friends. Just because we’re staying at home doesn’t mean that we can’t have fun. 

Home Automation Takes The Work Out Of Chores And Gives You More Free Time. 

Take the hard work out of everyday living and let home technology manage the home while freeing up your time. There are many products on the market that help us do this. Automated irrigation systems such as Rachio help us keep our lawns and foliage looking great by automating the sprinkler system. 

Irrigation systems can monitor the moisture in the ground and even regulate moisture for specific plant types. They conserve water by not watering when it isn’t needed and watering more when natural moisture is not enough. 

Monitor and regulate energy, shutting off those high power items like water heaters and unneeded heat and AC. Get realtime energy usage information on your phone or smart device. Smart thermostats such as ecobee are essential for regulating the home climate, adjusting temperatures by preprogramming to your comfortability needs. 

Don’t worry about the expense of hiring a caretaker for your pool and spa; with Jandy, you can automate cleaning and heating the pool or hot tub. Automatically test the water and add the correct amount of treatment to keep your pool or spa ready for use anytime. 

Smart appliances, laundry becomes somewhat automated; the fridge can keep tabs on what it needs to order and add to your grocery list on its built-in screen. It can even automatically order from many of your favorite places to shop, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target

The Important Things To Remember Are That Your Home Is Your Refuge, And That Couldn’t Be More True, Now More Than Ever.

Smart home technology is even more helpful during times like these because many issues are solved remotely. No need for a technician to show up at your door. Professional services take extra precautions to ensure that you and your family are safe, limiting the time they need to spend in your home and other measures, including distancing and rescheduling for later. 

Still, having a home with technological advantages has made isolating at home easier, providing security, entertainment, and comfort. Please write to us and let us know if you have ideas to share about using home technology during our current situation. 

Smart home entertainment systems are very popular these days. They’re great because systems are so versatile, and you can add whatever you want with almost no limits. You can expand your entertainment system easily without needing extra wires, ports, outlets, or other things that can get in the way. Personalize any screen or audio speaker in your home that appeals to every member of the family. Connect everything wirelessly, and it’s ready to go. Here are some tips that will help you create the most amazing smart home entertainment center.

ROKU BRINGS HOME ENTERTAINMENT TO A WHOLE NEW LEVELConnect any Roku device to stream videos, games, music, and more.

Smart Entertainment Options

There really is no limit to smart entertainment options. With today’s technology, almost everything can be smart. We even have smart light bulbs now. However, there are a few standard options when considering what you can add to your system. Smart TVs are usually the center of a smart entertainment system. You can add smart speakers, controllers, and various Bluetooth devices, such as video game consoles, Blu-ray players, Roku devices, stereos, tablets, smartphones, and more. It’s really a matter of personal preference. Besides visual and audio entertainment, you can add other smart home devices to your media room. According to GE Appliances, this can include grills, refrigerators, cleaning devices, and more. Smart devices can access your home automation system. A smart device or smartphone allows you to control your home automation anywhere, as long as you have access to a network.

Location, Location, Location

Many people base their entertainment systems indoors, but you aren’t limited to staying inside. Enclosed decks and outdoor entertainment areas are becoming very popular recently, particularly with techniques that protect your outdoor electronics from moisture. A smart outdoor entertainment center easily becomes the place to hold parties. With parties suddenly becoming more interactive, you can have more fun and less work that is entertaining for the whole family. 

Optimized-Ubiquiti-UniFi_smarter-homes-austin_texas (1).png

One Or More?

One thing that can actually limit your smart home entertainment system is your internet speed. You need to make sure that you have the bandwidth to support all devices at one time. If not, you have two options. The first is to upgrade your internet package from your internet service provider. You should have the fastest speed and most bandwidth possible to run a sophisticated smart home entertainment system. The second is to have WiFi signal boosters throughout your home. For example, you could have an indoor entertainment system and the outdoor entertainment system by adding the WiFi booster for the outside of your home. We recommend Ubiquiti network products. They seem to work the best.

RTI T4 REMOTE CONTROLControl .in your smart home with the RTI T4 state of the art remote control

Controlling It

We mentioned before that you can use a tablet or smartphone to control your smart home entertainment system and automation. This is true, but it’s not the only way to control it. You could have a wall-mounted control center, or you could use voice-control through a smart home device. For those that want something less technical, RTI Remote Technologies Inc. has top of the line do it all remote controls. There are also separate “hubs” that can control your system. If more than one of these sounds ideal, you can implement both ways of controlling the system into your home.

Protect The System

With a smart home entertainment and automation system, there is a lot of technology being used. There is the potential of something going wrong. Get as much protection for your system as you can. Invest in a maintenance plan and be familiar with all warranties just in case something breaks. Your installer should give you instructions on how to operate your system to better help you understand how it all works. If something significant comes up, get it fixed immediately. By being proactive, you can avoid crippling failures later down the line.

Smart home entertainment systems are popular and are quickly becoming the norm. Your system can be simple or as complex as you want to make it. The five tips above can help you set up the perfect system for your home and keep it running correctly. Welcome to the future of entertainment!

Austin’s Sonos Installation Experts

Here at Smarter Homes of Austin, we get tons of feedback from our long term smart home clients. One of the most common feedback points regarding Sonos is the question of when Sonos will offer a high quality battery powered outdoor rated solution for the areas we entertain that we have wireless connectivity but don’t have the ability to run wires for traditional power or speaker lines. Sonos has taken these concerns into account and the result is the NEW Sonos Move! We asked and Sonos listened. Thank you Sonos!
The NEW Sonos Move will start shipping on 9/24/19


Brilliant Sound Anywhere

Introducing Move, the durable, battery-powered smart speaker for outdoor and indoor listening. Get Brilliant Sound Anywhere with the weatherproof and drop-resistant Sonos Move. Control with your voice, the Sonos app, and Apple AirPlay 2 at home, and stream via Bluetooth when WiFi isn’t available.

Learn more



Voice Control

Enjoy hands-free control of your Smart Home Features and music and more on WiFi with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Learn more


Weather Resistant

Humidity, rain, snow, dust, salt spray, UV rays, extreme temperatures. Move was built to handle them all. With an IP56 rating, Move stands up to humidity, rain, snow, dust, salt spray, UV rays, and extreme heat and cold.

Learn more



Expand Your Sound System

Connect Move to your Sonos speakers Over WiFi for an immersive listening experience all around your home. Stream via Bluetooth everywhere else.

Experience surprisingly deep bass, a wide soundscape, and automatic Trueplay™ tuning that perfectly balances the sound for where you are and what you’re listening to.

Learn more

Whole house music austin


Simple Recharging

No need to plug Move in. Set the speaker on the included indoor charging base for quick power while you listen.

Sonos is Easy to Use

Setup takes minutes, and control is simple with the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, and your voice.

Learn more

Wonder how much Luxury Home Automation will cost?

Create Your Smart Home Budget

Smarter Homes is A Home Automation Company focused on adding Luxury to austin lifestyles

Simplify Home Technology with Whole home App Control

July 24, 2019 – by Sarah Yoakley

Where controlling your home’s technology with the Push of a Button may be a game changer, using app based control from your personal device will change your life. Here’s why:

Welcome to the “Home of the Future” in Austin Texas. A show about Smarter Homes, featuring Grant Imahara and Smarter Homes owner Pete Sandford. watch Season One on  YouTube

Welcome to the “Home of the Future” in Austin Texas. A show about Smarter Homes, featuring Grant Imahara and Smarter Homes owner Pete Sandford. watch Season One on YouTube

Security Systems and Peace of Mind

When there’s a knock at the door, whether you’re home or not, you check up on who is on your property through your control app. With Smart Doorbells and a custom Security System, you’ll be able to see and speak to your guests. You can even have mail carriers leave packages in your garage and close up after them. That means you avoid unwanted intruders and theft.

Doorbird is the only stainless steel video doorbell on the market designed to survive the test of time in the Austin Texas heat!

Doorbird is the only stainless steel video doorbell on the market designed to survive the test of time in the Austin Texas heat!

Smart Home Convenience

This is perhaps the most obvious beneficial change but also the most drastic. With app based control, you can access your home from anywhere. That means turning on or off things you forget, Letting Guests In no matter where you are, and saving yourself time and energy. Not to mention app control is incredibly easy for the whole family to use. Say goodbye to technological hassles when it comes to Audio and Video.

Home Energy Efficiency

Energy monitoring helps you know if your home is running smarter and more efficient in real time as you use your home system.

Energy monitoring helps you know if your home is running smarter and more efficient in real time as you use your home system.

Never wonder about your energy bill

Having constant, convenient access to your home means less things slip through the cracks. One look at your interface and you can see any sources of power in use. By Monitoring Your Home’s Energy use this way, you can reduce your carbon footprint AND the dollar sign on your utility bill each month. And without having to run around the house switching Off Lights and adjusting the thermostat each time you leave, you save personal energy too!

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Smart Home WiFi

Creating a Smart Home without upgrading your WiFi is like buying a brand new car without the keys. Your WiFi system is the single gear that keeps the whole operation turning. To get the most out of your smart home and ensure the security and reliable operation of all its devices, experts recommend upgrading to a managed network with hard wired access points.

Why Do I Need A Hard Wired WiFi Network?

Anyone who has lived in anything larger than a tiny apartments knows the dreaded ‘WiFi drop-out’ – areas in the home all too well. These are cause solely by distance from the router and obstacles in between. You might try to use a network adapter or wireless bridge to solve this issue but these are not viable solutions when it come to smart home.

Then there are the ‘mesh networks’ – kits sold with two or more access points to increase coverage. While these are certainly a step up from DIY network boosting, they exhibit a noticeable loss in network speed – and they aren’t cheap. The best smart home WiFi solution for those desiring a blazing fast, reliable and secure network is a managed hard wired WiFi network.

Smarter Homes Whole Home WiFi Systems

We offer Austin WiFi solutions that are tailor-made to a smart home’s needs. Our experienced technicians take care of the entire installation, wiring your home inconspicuously so that your décor is not affected in the least. We offer three packages to suit your home size, which all include:

In addition to our high-end customer service, we offer annual scheduled maintenance, 24/7 Customer Support, and guarantee all of our work. Contact us now to learn more about how our Whole Home WiFi Systems can provide you with the perfect smart home.

Whole Home Wi-Fi System Estimated Pricing
According To Home Sizes

***Pricing is not 100% accurate and should be used to get an idea of the costs to come.

Our WiFi Systems Are Fully Covered Under Our Annual Scheduled Maintenance Plan!


1) Increase Your Security

Eliminate front door fears, worries and stress. A smart doorbell is essentially a microphone, speaker, night vision video camera, motion detector and lock or gate controller all-in-one product. This allows the home owner to keep an eye and ear on the front door of their home while they are inside the home, away at work or on vacation.

2) Protect Your Packages

More Americans are doing their shopping online, which made up 9% of all retail sales in the United States as of September 2018 according to the Department of Commerce. But those packages, so often left out in the open upon delivery, are just too enticing to thieves. Adding a smart video doorbell allows the home owner to keep tabs on deliveries and get them inside faster than ever before possible.

*Low quality camera solutions will give you a
low chance of catching package pirates.

3) Cut out the Middle Man with Self Monitoring

Smart doorbell systems are easy to view or access from anywhere in the world that has a cell phone signal or an internet connection. This will give the home owner peace-of-mind never before achieved with a single device.

4) Save Money Every Month and Record Data Yourself

The Doorbird doorbell is one of the only smart doorbell systems that can save the home owner money by avoiding monthly recording fees. You can use a NVR (networked video recorder) that works the same way as a cable box DVR for recording front door events with no added monthly monitoring fees. Just add an additional recording device and you become the monitoring company. If you want to record longer than 2 weeks in a row, no problem, just add a larger hard drive to your NVR recording device and extend the amount for time that the doorbell camera and microphone records audio and video.

5) Add Quality Elegance

The German made, stainless steel smart video doorbell by Doorbird stands out as the best looking, highest quality smart doorbell on the market today. Commonly purchased Ring or Nest Plastic smart doorbells are just waiting to deteriorate and break in the extreme temperatures of the Austin, Texas heat. Why would you spend the time and money adding a smart home video doorbell if it’s just going to fall apart due to over exposure to our Texas sunlight?

6) Integrate With Other Smart Home Products

In order to make smart home devices communicate and work together with each other, they need to have an open or partially open API (Application Programming Interface). It’s no fun when you are limited to specific products that only work with preferred partners due to a closed API. Common examples are “Works with Nest”, “Works with Google Home”, “Works with Alexa”, or “Works with Homekit”. If the API were truly open, they would not need this badge and would only need to specify the connection type. Best practices to avoid confusion on compatibility are to work with a home technology integrator who has knowledge of device integration and automation protocols. This will save you time and money in the long run.

 It’s Important To Know

If your home is not properly wired for a smart home video doorbell, You may need to upgrade your wireless network range if your smart doorbell is too far from your network hot-spot.

Bring the thrill of the cinema into your home with a fully integrated media room or home theater. Here are some of the most salient benefits of building the ultimate audio video space with Smarter Homes.

Superior Quality Audio and Visuals

At Smarter Homes, we incorporate the best the industry has to offer. From 4k television screen, to custom surround sounds systems, we bring the undeniable difference that a movie theater has to offer into the comfort of your own home.

Effortless Control

Gone are the days when you postpone a movie watching session or miss the beginning of a big game because you can’t navigate the input or wiring of your media room. A fully integrated technology set-up means switching inputs and adjusting levels is as easy as a push of a button. A simple tap on the Netflix or Cable button while transition your system to the settings you need to get going. Not only that, you can control the rest of your home from your app-based control panel without having to get up and distract from your entertainment. That means adjusting temperature, lighting, door locks and more, all from the couch cushions of your home theater.

Custom Details

No matter what details you want to make your media room more you, Smarter Homes can make them happen. We offer custom lighting systems to create the ultimate movie watching environment. Consider a switch on your lighting panel that slowing dims the side lights in the classic cinema house fashion. Even line the stairs with LED strip lights.

Distribute Video and Audio Throughout the House

Leaving the media room doesn’t have to mean missing the show. With integrated video and audio, you can distribute that media through any television and speakers throughout the house. That means playing the audio of the big game throughout the house so that whether guests are in front of the big screen or mingling on the back patio, they aren’t missing a thing.

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*The calculated home technology budget range you will receive will includes parts, labor & accessories (Tax not included)
(a round number is OK)
Numerous structures on the property: Dock, Casita, Guest House, Barn, Gate etc. Check all that apply.
Prewire installation calculations assume you would like your home fully wired for ALL home automation technologies shown throughout the budget calculator, including 'future-ready' wiring. Prewire pricing can vary substantially based on what features you would like in your home. The wiring budget is for low-voltage wiring, not for electrical.
Prewire pricing will vary based on exactly what features you would like in your home. Read this article about the importance of wiring/cabling in today's "wireless" world. Your local Smarter Homes integrator is the best resource for exact prewire pricing. Wiring budget is for low-voltage wiring only, not electrical.
Keep in mind that our modern lifestyle and our home's automation technology systems are extremely reliant on a quality network and Wi-Fi system. Most homes are moving towards enterprise-grade hardware and away from the types of network products you could buy in an office supply store or a consumer computer store. We recommend that all homeowners consider the network and Wi-Fi system to be the most important system and installation within the home.
Higher-quality sound or higher-grade architectural finished speakers can range from $5,000.00 to $10,000.00 PER ROOM
Basic background music system pricing ranges from $1,500.00 to $5,000.00 per room including all equipment, labor, and programming.
Range includes video sources such as AppleTV, a Blu-ray player, satellite receiver, and remotely-locating them for best aesthetics. A basic soundbar is included for better audio.
This is called “video distribution” and reduces the amount of audio/video equipment located at each TV location/room.
A surround sound system creates an immersive sound experience, much like a dedicated home theater room, though in a dual-purpose room such as a Family Room, Master Bedroom, etc. If you would like more than one surround system location, click on the "Add Another Surround System" button below
Typically, homeowners want to see the following areas: front of house, front door, driveway / gate, sides of house, and pool. If you are more concerned about security, you may want to add cameras for the perimeter of your property. Good-quality cameras see about 75 feet of distance on average. The high range of the budget estimate includes higher resolution cameras, better night vision, and longer surveillance recording time.
The installation of a lighting control system reduces wall clutter, allows preset lighting scenes at the push of a button, increases security through programming automation, and adds convenience.
Motorized shades add beauty, convenience, address privacy concerns, and can be used to save energy. If desired, provide your best guess on how many windows/shades you want to motorize. The higher-end of the budget range includes higher-end fabrics, large windows, and dual-roller shades (both sheer and privacy shades on one window).
For example, a house music app, an app to operate your TV, an app for lighting automation, an app for locks, an app for cameras, an app to open close garage doors & gates, etc. Or do you want to control the entire house through a single unified app that controls all the automation systems within the home?
Make your home feel larger by balancing the light between indoor and outdoor areas.
Smarter Homes Austin
Austin’s Certified Luxury Home Automation, Home Theater, Audio Video & Wi-Fi Experts

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