Here at Smarter Homes we believe that in order to design a perfect integration system, it is important to remember that, "a failure to plan, can be a plan for failure." Which is why we design every job down to the last detail before the foundation is even poured. We provide every customer with a set of color-coded design plans along with a line itemized room-by-room scope of work, or SOW. This SOW will cover every aspect and feature that we will be working to achieve with your upcoming project. 

Entertain your friends and family with technology that also simplifies day-to-day life. Add a universal remote to an existing surround  home theater system. Blow their minds with your whole-house audio system as you control different songs in different rooms by using your mobile device Music app. Lock all of your doors and turn off all your lights from the comfort of your bed using your smart phone. Becoming the master of your home system is just a phone call away.




Our Installation Professionals are well-trained with all of the products we carry to make sure you get the best education possible for all of your new purchases. Our Programmers are fully certified and can scale any set of drivers or macros that are needed in the process. This is so we can satisfy the highest standard of quality, that we have set for ourselves, by taking responsibility of the internal programming as well. 


We are not just here before and during a sale. We are also here after the sale to make sure your questions and upgrades are addressed with as much enthusiasm as your original sale. All of our work and equipment is covered through our 30 Day Full Warranty. After that we offer Maintenance Plans to ensure your system gets the proper updates, inspection and clean up annually to keep your system and network running in the best possible condition.


- Monitoring internet/ network and Wi-Fi

- Updating firmware and software on all devices we installed

- Cleaning of equipment and wiring

- Checking remote programming and system speed

- Customer training on newest system features

- One bonus hour of crew labor (per year enrolled, a $200.00 value) for future installations on equipment upgrades.


Maintenance Plan: Starting at just $19.99 Per Month

What you want, how you want it.