This location was dubbed "Pod 1" or Equipment Location 1: Main House: Master Suite, Office, Dining, Living and Kitchen.

This is the Service Provider "Head" or "D Mark" for cable, phone and Internet. The provider is AT&T.

The AT&T Modem is in Bridge or "Pass Through" Mode and DHCP is handled by the "Main Extreme" Router. The Main Extreme Apple router is plugged into the LAN port 1 of the AT&T provided Modem/router.

The Cable Boxes are plugged into a separate network switch dedicated to AT&T only. The AT&T network switch is fed by the AT&T provided Modem/Router -LAN port 2. The Cable boxes use the DHCP range on

This network will not work with out the Apple "Main Extreme" Router handling the DHCP at with the range starting at to 200

Re-Booting The Internet:

Step 1 : Disconnect Apple Router from AT&T Modem by Ethernet Port 1

Step 2: With only AT&T hooked up, Un-Plug the Modem/ Router from Power for 5 Min

Step3: Plug power back into the Modem/router.  Wait 10 Min. TV boxes will start to operate after 5 min. 

Step 4: Plug Ethernet into WAN port of Apple Router and Remove all LAN cables from the 3 LAN ports on the Apple

Step 5: Power Cycle the Apple Router with only the WAN port being Fed by AT&T Modem/router

Step 6: Once you have a green light, connect the 3 LAN ports back to the Apple



The PUB or "POD 2" or "Equipment Location 2" houses all of the equipment to extend TV, phone and Internet to The Brewery, The PUB, The Guest Suite and the Outdoor Living/Kitchen.

The Extreme Router in this location is in "Bridge Mode" and sends network to the Guest Suite "Guest Extreme" for Wi-Fi in the Guest House.

The Pool Network is on LAN port 2 of the PUB Extreme AP

AT&T Cable boxes share a dedicated network switch that is fed by LAN Port 3 of the AT&T provided Modem/Router


Audio and Video Switching is Handled by high powered multi source / multi-zone Denon AV receivers

Control System: Custom built RTI Panel Interface over iPad License

Audio System: Sonos Music Integrated with RTI processor

Outdoor Wi-Fi: High Powered POE Weather-proof Access Point: both 2.4 and 5G

IP Security Cameras: SSL Protected by manufacturer