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Living Room/Theater/Master Bedroom/Kitchen
Grab remote and and press cable at the top the TV will go to the right inputs and you can control the Cable box. Press the Blu-Ray button at the top and the inputs will switch to the Blu-Ray player and now the remote is controling the Blu-Ray. Press the Power button at the top to turn off everything in this room. 

For the iPads
Open the RTI app. In the Middle of the app there is a list of rooms. Select the room that you are in or want to control. After the room has been selcted the page will turn to that room. The middle part of the Page will Turn to that source

For Music, Go into the Sonos App. On the Top of the App is the Rooms Selction
From here you can select what room you wish to control. you can also group rooms together on this page. The only rooms where you have to go to the RTI app first are the Master Bedroom and Master Sitting Room. There is no Sonos in the media room

For Cams, On Bottom of the RTI App there is a button for Cams select this to view cams

For Nest, On Bottom of the RTI App there is a button for Nest select this to view Nest

To Power Off there is a System shutdown Page at the Bottom of the RTI App
From here you can also Shutdown one room at a time.


What is the process to re-boot the network?

  1. Restart the Spectrem modem mounted to the wall.

  2. Then restart the Apple Extreme in the Rack.