Les McDaniel

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Living/Dining/Master Bedroom

To start first press the Menu key. Once the screen on the MX-450 has come on, start  by pressing and holding the button to the left or right of what you want to watch. At this time the Projector will start to come on. You only have to press the button for a half second and must wait while the macro runs. After it has ran the MX-450 will change pages. Everything is automatic and as soon as you choose what you want to play, the device will automatically come on and sound should come out of Sonos for that room. Once the MX-450 has change pages you will notice on the menu bar that is now reading what you have selected. What this means is you know control only only that device. For example if you press the back button on the AT&T the Apple TV will not go back. Also you notice that you can switch between 3 pages of commands in case that you don't find on a hard button on the remote. Lastly you can get back to the home page by hitting menu button in the middle of the remote. To power off Press the Power button from any page.

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To reboot the internet unplug the power from the AT&T modem in the rack room on the top shelf. If the problem is not fixed after 5 mins of waiting, reboot the Apple Extreme which is the white box next to the AT&T modem. After another 5 mins of waiting, the problem should be fixed.