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office ideas

I recently needed a small computer to use in my kitchen for a secondary design center. I wanted to control it with a wireless keyboard and mouse. End result, I love this thing! Great wi-fi connectivity and so far this is one of my best mobile office setups. Its super small and really easy to pack up at short notice and toss in my laptop bag. 


The LED lights were a no brainer! This has made my home office even better looking!

The LED lights were a no brainer! This has made my home office even better looking!

$25.99 $69.96
MINIX Technology Limited

Outdoor Ideas

Sometimes a TV on a outdoor patio is an after thought. By Extending your Wi-Fi and adding a Roku Media player in an area where you already have TV power gives you the long awaited movie night outside! 

Roku, Inc.

Time Warner / Spectrum has a live TV app on the Roku Player now. This allows you to watch live TV without a cable box as long as you have good Wi-Fi signal. 

Custom Wraps
Nest Labs

Bedroom Ideas

A bedroom is a place to relax. Most couples have different sleep schedules so its great to simplify the bedroom AV system so it can be used easily by either party without disturbing the other.

  • The Inteset remote control is very easy to program which the end result allows us to stop juggling separate remotes for TV, Cable and streaming devices. for more info visit universalremotes.net
  • The Sennheiser wireless headphones are great for watching a movie while your lover sleeps undisturbed. 
  • Our Ziku bedside charging system is perfect for training yourself never to forget to charge up.
  • Most people have exposed power cords running down from your mounted display. The best solution is to add a power bridge and hide all those wires for a cleaner look.
Inteset Technologies
Too low to display
$34.99 $59.99
PowerBridge Solutions

tools to know about

You have to have the right tools for the job. Finding studs behind the drywall, fishing wires down the wall and balancing speaker levels are all tasks that require the right tool.

  • Magnepull's retro wiring tool makes the job of fishing wires easier than ever. This product uses a magnetic roller to pull the metal lead (which you tape your wires to) down the wall with ease as long as their are no fire blocks or studs in the way.
  • The best way to detect studs or fire blocks behind the drywall is with a franklin stud finder. We have worked with dozens of finders in the past 15 years 

BAFX Products®
Franklin Sensors Inc.

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